Ruben Studdard Will Compete on ‘The Biggest Loser’

American Idol winner Ruben Studdard will return to the drones of reality television this fall as a contestant on NBC’s The Biggest LoserPEOPLE confirmed on Monday.

According to the report, Studdard’s weight-loss battle took a turn for the worse in 2002 after the so-called “Velvet Teddy Bear” divorced his wife, Surata Zuri McCants, in 2012.

That’s pretty much all the report gives us. In fact, it’s mostly just recycled quotes from an interview he gave back in 2006. Annoying! But, hey, it’s still happening.

Since winning American Idol in 2003, Studdard has released five studio albums. His first sold 1.8 million copies; his most recent, 2012’s Letters From Birmingham, sold 9,000.

So, yeah.