‘Candidly Nicole:’ Nicole Richie Teaches Us How to Snap A Selfie

It’s a question for the ages (or at least, the age of 2013): How does one take a successful selfie?

Thanks to trailblazer Nicole Richie, we are all one step closer. The famed fashion maven bravely tackles the millennials’ quandary in the latest episode of her hit AOL webseries, Candidly Nicole.

After struggling to capture a selfie with her beauty squad, Richie calls in the pro — photographer Andrew MacPherson. “I’m just trying to take a photo of all of us, but I’m just having trouble getting everyone in,” she explains. Her problem? One even the best selfie-snappers struggle with: “I look massive and everybody else looks small.”

“That would be because these (iPhones, duh) have very wide angle lenses,” MacPherson says. “So you have to get everybody in the same depth of frame.”

Depth of who, ha, what now? Don’t worry, he breaks it down for us layfolk. “When you’re selfie-ing with a group, you have to twist your shoulder around a bit,” he continues. So, tip: “Always know your best side.”

Watch Richie and her glam team give it their best go, above. Then follow their lead. And lest we forget Richie’s rule: “Everything is better in the dark. That’s why people bone after clubs.”