Enjoy a Shirtless Alexander Skarsgård (and Today’s Winning Captions)

This is a great photo. It makes us all wish we were members of Alexander Skarsgård’s family. On second thought, I am sure many people are glad not to be, because I get the impression that, like, everyone wants to do dirty, dirty things to him. So be glad you’re not in this family portrait, and enjoy the eye candy.  And today’s winning captions:

“Every family has that one guy…” – Tanya

“Photo bomb!” – Kelly

“Just take this picture before his muscles explode” – Cristian

“Har!har! Where’s my eye patch?!” – Anamaria

“YEAH BRO!!!! FAMILY F!@#IN PORTRAIT!!! WOO!!! YEAH!!!” – Stephen

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[Image via Instagram]