FBI Docs On Michael Jackson: ‘Only Boys That Never Slept In His Room Were His Nephews’

Even in death, Michael Jackson can’t escape the child abuse allegations that haunted his life.

Four years after he died of cardiac arrest caused by a lethal combination of prescription drugs and even after being acquitted of child sexual abuse in 2005, more damning claims and shocking details of the superstar afflicting abuse on young boys dating back to the ‘80s have come to light.

According to UK’s the Sunday People, never-before-seen FBI files claim the music icon spent $35 million to make sure 17 young victims didn’t speak up about the molestation.

The docs apparently belonged to infamous celeb sleuth-turned-jailbird Anthony Pellicano, who was incidentally hired by Jackson to look into the sexual abuse claims against him. But when Pellicano was later investigated by the FBI for illegal wiretapping (and his now serving a 15-year sentence) the docs were confiscated and the UK newspaper spoke with one of his lead investigators.

The People claim the FBI has thousands of pages of private investigators notes, in which Pellicano describes Jackson as a “serial child molester”, as well as phone transcripts and hours of audio tapes naming 17 boys, including five child actors, two dancers, a European boy and the sons of a screenwriter, who were abused by the “Thriller” star at his Neverland Ranch.

The files go into dark detail about specific instances of abuse, including one allegedly witnessed by a Jackson employee groping a child star, while others accuse the singer of watching porn while molesting another boy and fondling the genitals of a third victim in his home theatre.

Philip and Stella LeMarque, who worked on Jackson’s ranch for 10 months, are quoted in an audio taped interview dated August 28, 1993 describing bedrooms located behind his private 70-seat theatre: “…behind the wall he has two bedrooms,” said Stella. “Sometimes he would be there with the kids.”

“So he could watch porn movies,” added Philip.


According to a Pellicano document, it states that the singer “has paid off victim’s parents dating back to the summer of 1992″ and one July 7, 1992 Jackson settled with the mother of a “child actor/dancer wantobe” for $600,000 to keep her quiet.

Another doc also claims that an unnamed Pellicano source also “suspected Jackson was molesting children because the only boys that never slept in his room were his nephews” pointing specifically to his Encino, Calif. home and Century City apartment.

Even a parent was so starstruck by the megastar that they turned a “blind eye” to any abuse, according to the docs.

The People’s report comes just two months after choreographer-to-the-stars Wade Robson, 30, who’s been named in the documents, filed a lawsuit accusing the singer of molesting him at Neverland during the 1990s.