‘RHOC’ Recap: Lauri’s Revelations Bring Vicki To Tears On Wedding Dress Day

Don’t adjust your TV set! Yes, the ladies of Bravo’s The Real Housewives of Orange County seem to be getting along! Who would’ve thought Tamra Barney’s idea to have all the ladies attend her wedding dress hunt would be the ticket to get the women to behave themselves, and actually act like *gasp* friends? Everyone and their Aunt Fanny thought Tamra was a bit loco for suggesting Vicki Gunvalson, Heather Dubrow, Gretchen Rossi, Lydia McLaughlin, Alexis Bellino and Lauri Waring Peterson all hang out; as she searched for the perfect wedding dress to take her third stroll down the aisle with Eddie Judge.

Viewers know the ladies would rather reveal their real age than spend time with the other housewives. The OC divas shocked everyone, including myself, when they all decided to take Tamara up on her invitation to spend the day together, and help her hunt down a wedding dress. Everything seemed to be going along fine; until Vicki told the women she and her on again/off again beau Brooks called it quits. Lauri, in her infinite wisdom, decided she just had to tell Vicki in front of everyone, including her frenemy Gretchen, all about Brooks’ dalliance with a younger woman who happens to be her daughter’s friend.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t the day all about Tamra? If Lauri had to tell Vicki this bit of intel, why not wait to pull her aside in private? She insisted she did it because Vicki “needed to know,” but viewers aren’t stupid lady. Lauri hemmed and hawed about not wanting Vicki to blame her, but we all know Lauri has been itching to drop this bombshell for quite some time. Lauri even said as much to Gretchen, when she first dished the allegations about Vicki’s misdeeds.

Even though Vicki said she was over Brooks and wanted to know what he was up to, Lauri really could’ve delivered this bit of dirt in a better manner instead of detracting from Tamra’s moment.

We see your fake concern Lauri. It’s as big and bright as the extensions in your hair, and we’re not buying the line of hot mess you are trying to serve up!

Buzz Moments

OMG!: Lydia calling Slade Smiley a “girl” for his catty behavior dishing about her weight and the other women’s looks. You go girl!

Thank you, TV gods.: Heather calling Lauri out for giving Vicki the dirty details of her ex at Tamra’s wedding dress fitting. Lauri, you were wrong and foul, own it.

Awk-ward: Gretchen wearing her dead fiancé’s engagement ring. Who does that!?

Hotness: Tamra’s wedding dress. Her man won’t be able to keep his hands off her!

Fab-u-lous: The women not fighting at the dress shop. With this bunch, that is a miracle.

Can. Not. Wait.: For the ladies to head on their trip to Canada. A trip leads to drama and we know Vicki and Lauri are headed for it.

Celebuzz Meter (1-10): 7.5.

Was Lauri right to tell Vicki about Brooks, or was she trying to hurt her?

– Jillian Bowe