Taylor Swift Acts Really Taylor Swifty In Her New Fragrance Video

Fragrance videos are apparently a thing now, and this time Taylor Swift is releasing one for her new scent, Taylor by Taylor Swift.

Tay posted the whimsical clip on her YouTube account, and the results are pretty much as we expected. The vid, which kind of looks like a string of filtered Instagram videos, is classic Swift.

Here are some Taylor Swift-esque activities you can expect to see:

1. Reading a book in a bathtub that has no water.

2. Selfie-like mugging for the camera. In a fedora.

3. Sexyface pouting while on an indoor rope swing.

4. Fun with vintage polaroids!

5. Spinning around in as summery dress and laughing for apparently no reason at all.

“Taylor” follows the 23-year-old singer’s other fragrances, Wonderstruck and Wonderstruck Enchanted.

Watch the video, above, to see Taylor Swift in all her Taylor Swift glory for Taylor by Taylor Swift.