Ugh, Kristen Stewart Looked Cool at the Chanel Show in Paris Today

Every time I try to hate on Kristen Stewart, she goes and wears something really awesome on a red carpet and it makes me think, hey, wait, maybe all that shitty stuff I once said about her was a little uncalled for.

Such was the case early Tuesday at the Chanel fashion show in Paris, where the 22-year-old Twilight beauty stunned once again in one of those ugh, fine, you’re cool ensembles.

More specifically, she wore a double-breasted blazer on top of what appear to be leather shorts. (You can’t really tell, because they’re hiding under the blazer; hello, summer!) To top it off, she wore some equally cool leather gloves and a bunch of arm jewelry and, yeah, awesome.

No word on how long Stewart will actually be in Paris — but here’s hoping it’s long enough to find Jennifer Lawrence, talk her down and make sure that yesterday never happens again.