The Only Things Better Than Rihanna Meeting Jennifer Lawrence Are Today’s Caption Contest Winners

Peanut butter and jelly. Whiskey and lemonade. Rihanna and Jennifer Lawrence. Perfect combinations, all of these things. But only one of those combinations makes for a great caption contest, and if, by now, you haven’t guessed which, we’ve got ourselves a problem.

Perhaps today’s winning captions will help clue you in?

“Ummm if Rihanna ever dates Chris Brown again, Jennifer could say “may be the odds be ever in your favor”.” – Kelly

“Smile B*tch!” – Katia

“Girl I can’t wait to see your movie. Omg I can’t wait for your next album.” – Ann

“hey we are both princess…. one hollywood princess the other r &b!!!” – Aurelky

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[Image via Instagram]