Courtney Stodden Takes Her Double D’s to Dinner

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Table for four?

Courtney Stodden and her much senior husband, Doug Hutchison, hoped to dine à deux at the ever-classy Hard Rock Cafe in Hollywood, Calif., on Tuesday night. But two things butted their way in to the couple’s dreamy date night — Stodden’s double d’s

Her newly boosted bosom stole the spotlight in that poor excuse for a little black dress as Stodden, 18, and Hutchinson, 52, smiled and waved for the flashing cameras.

The teen bride has been parading her new bazongas — in bikinis and barely-there dresses — for peeping paparazzo ever since she upped her cup from a C to a DD with an all too predictable boob job, which she got because she was bored of push-up bras.

Well, the implants worked like a charm. Now she is as free as a hippie.