Giveaway Alert: Start Your Summer Off In Style With Khloe Kardashian's Awesome Panda Hat

Leave a Comment for Your Chance to Win!
At last, summer is here! And to celebrate, we have an exciting giveaway for fans looking to spice up their summer wardrobes.

Our friends at The Style Space are going to hook one lucky Celebuzz reader up with an amazing prize pack, valued at more than $300. The prize pack includes two of the panda hats that Khloe Kardashian is sporting in the photo above! Are you ready to learn more?

The complete prize pack includes:

- Two panda hats (as seen on Khloe above)

- "F&$% Society" Marilyn Monroe tee

- A "Furry Friend" iPhone 5 case

- $100 online credit

Sounds amazing, right? Right?! It is amazing. What's even more amazing is that it's super easy to enter!

Here's how you can enter to win:

- Leave a comment on this post telling us which of the prizes you're most excited about. The panda hat? The iPhone case? All of the prizes?! Whatever your answer, tell us by leaving a comment, and you'll be entered to win.

- To double your chances of winning, tweet at @Celebuzz and @TheStyleSpace and say, "I want the #BlackPanda" or "I want the #PinkPanda."

- A winner will be selected at random and contacted next week.

Please read the complete contest rules here.

Don’t want to chance miss out on any of these amazing prizes? Head over to The Style Space and order your favorite items before they sell out! Enter the code CELEBUZZ at checkout for 20% off your online order — this an exclusive deal for our delightful readers!

So leave a comment, send @Celebuzz and @TheSyleSpace a tweet, and you, my friend, could be looking very stylish this summer, indeed.



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  • Trish Morrison-Boshey
    Trish Morrison-Boshey

    soo when would we find out who the winners r of the prizes? :p im really anxious aha cuz i REALLY want that panda bear hat ^_^ still wishin i could win it :) lol hope i get an inbox if i win or even if i dont aha well hope i get updated of this give away :)

  • Amrie Martini
    Amrie Martini

    I'm excited about all the prizes!! I will admit no one could rock the panda hat as good as Khloe.

  • tanyasandhu


  • Amal Korbi
    Amal Korbi

    I love all prizes especially the Panda hat ! so cute :D

  • Donna Pierson Wilson
    Donna Pierson Wilson

    I really like all the giveways but if I had to choose, it would be those darn adorable panda hats!

  • LauraletlifeloveLive McQueen
    LauraletlifeloveLive McQueen

    Love all the cute giveaways especially the hats too cute for words!!

  • dainesh

    I would love to win the panda hat for me and my baby. Its so cute..

  • Donna Pierson Wilson
    Donna Pierson Wilson

    All the prizes are amazing but I would have to pick the Panda hats - too cute for words!

  • kwilson887

    the panda hats

  • Tristarna Kelly
    Tristarna Kelly

    I would LOVE to win the Panda hat it looks CUTE :)

  • Tenaya Rufener
    Tenaya Rufener


  • cindypradhini

    The Panda Hat it'd be great if i wear the same hat as khloe, I love Khloe so much!! she's my inspiration, and panda is the cutest animal in the world. it'd be amazing if i win that panda hat :)

  • bmbowers

    100.00 dolla credit please!

  • Sheena King
    Sheena King

    I am most excited about the "F&$% Society" Marilyn Monroe tee BECAUSE.. i want the out side world to know how i feel on the inside every minute of the day.. I live my life on street block at a time...LOL.. love you guys!!

  • anaszaby

    I LOVE, LOVE the panda hats, especially because I'm studying to become a vet and I love animals so much.

  • Lucylla Rodriguez
    Lucylla Rodriguez

    Eeeekkk, this would be an awesome birthday present for me (July 30)!!! Hehe ^_^ I'm excited about the panda hats!!! I absolutely love pandas, they are just too cute and awesome, plus they come from one of my favorite country/culture. I'm also excited about the Marilyn Manroe t-shirt, she is just a badass, love her!! And to win something from Khloe would be amazing, love u Khloe u r such a doll and badass!!

  • Amiko Nickiforek
    Amiko Nickiforek


  • ilovekardashians44

    I am most excited about the panda hats!! They're so cute and fun!! Thank you CELEBUZZ for this amazing giveaway! Good luck everyone! xo

  • champ76

    The shopping credit sounds awesome to me,but seriously I would love to win any of the prizes

  • Trena Thompson
    Trena Thompson

    I want the online shopping credit because I need something that I Can't find for cheap

  • Lesiel Cheng Wing
    Lesiel Cheng Wing

    I am beyond excited about the Panda Hats because Pandas are unbelievably adorable and awesome and to have one on my head for summer would be amazing :') and the Marilyn Monroe tee as well because Miss Monroe is my role model and I love her so much and with those amazing items, I'll definitely stand out this summer and look the best. <3

  • Elizabeth Meyers Ott
    Elizabeth Meyers Ott

    elizabeth ai want to the BlackPANDA HAT its beautiful and it would be an honor to have something from my idol who inspire me through the struggle thats she is facing on having a baby i know how that feels because i am in the same boat

  • sammy2694

    All of them! I love khloe and everything she wears and her personality! The panda hat would be my favourite and is such a khloe thing to wear! winning this would be awesome!

  • Cher Tepper
    Cher Tepper

    Would give anything to win!! I'm one of your BIGGEST fans!!!!! Love you Khloe & Lamar!

  • Erika Balderas
    Erika Balderas

    I want to win so bad! My daughter is a Panda nut!!!! Pick me please :) love ya Khloe

  • Artia Pittman
    Artia Pittman

    I would love to win everything!!!

  • pam151407

    Love Pandas. I would love all 3!

  • TaraLynn Perreira
    TaraLynn Perreira

    I would like I win all 3!! First omg the panda hat love it. I have a winter panda hat with attached scarf I love it!! Second... Marilyn Monroe I love her I have so much collectibles of her!! And three c'mon it's summer $100 online shopping need it!!

  • Sandy Dian
    Sandy Dian

    i think the panda hat is adorable.and the marilyn monroe shirt isnt bad either_

  • inkaddictvane2

    I would absolutely LOVE to win the Marilyn Monroe shirt! I love her to death!! The $100 cred would be great too... If be able to get something for my little family :) I Love You Klohe!! You

  • Belkys-Jc Tirado
    Belkys-Jc Tirado

    I'd love the panda hat they're my favorite and so is Khloe :) they're. All great prizes it woukd be awesome to win I'm a big fan of the fam :)

  • Christina_

    i would love this panda hat :) just got my hair cut and would love to rock this hat with my style :)

  • babyface2010

    Coming up to a year since my father passed so its just exiting to have something fun to keep my mind on. Anything would be awesome.

  • babyface2010

    Would be honored to have any one of the prizes. Khloe you are awesome. I would be greatful for anything. Thanks for this awesome chance to win. Great to have something to look forward to.

  • Shannon McAdams
    Shannon McAdams


  • Kim Philp
    Kim Philp

    All of them :)

  • Christine Yasemine
    Christine Yasemine

    I WOULD LOVE TO GET THE PANDA HATS!!!!!! why? hmm... only because PANDAS ARE AWESOME DUH? :D <3 Khole Kardashian

  • Stephanie Lindsey Kennedy
    Stephanie Lindsey Kennedy

    The marilyn monroe t-shirt!!! I WANT I WANT I WANT~!!!!!

  • shygirl

    I would love anyone of them prizes...I have never one anything before so just to win something for once would be awesome lol...Plus I love khloe so to win something from her would make my day!!!!

  • shygirl

    I would really love all of them!!!! I have never won anything before so any one of those would be really exciting for me to win:)

  • oliviaedward

    The panda hat!!

  • Kristin Batan
    Kristin Batan

    I mean you cant get any cuter than a panda hat right! except a henry hat would be even cuter but panda hat would be amazeballs!!!

  • Tishy Symister Campbell
    Tishy Symister Campbell

    I would love any one of the prizes... :) Any one is better than none at all. lol They all sound great! <3 u Khlo :)

  • lorriane

    haaaaa cute i love panda

  • Jessica Sky Landua
    Jessica Sky Landua

    I want that panda hat

  • chelyea

    The panda hat is awesome, but I'm most excited about the tee!

  • Aura Dell
  • Carissa Knotts
    Carissa Knotts


  • Hannah Christiansen
    Hannah Christiansen

    The panda hat its awesome!!

  • Ryten Chu
    Ryten Chu

    My love would love one of those panda hats, make it two and we'd be twinsies. #PandaLoveTwinsies

  • Carissa Knotts
    Carissa Knotts


  • musicnoa

    I want the panda hat, because pink is my favorite color and Khloe is my favorite Kardashian :)

  • Zarah Mae Prescion
    Zarah Mae Prescion

    I want the " furry friend " iPhone 5 case :D

  • gocciolina

    The Khloe's panda hat

  • Alifya Winarko
    Alifya Winarko

    the t-shirt and the panda. I WAAANNNNTT!

  • gocciolina

    The Khloe's panda hat!

  • Kookie Mosqueda Walpole
    Kookie Mosqueda Walpole

    I would love to have for my sister she is a panda freak lol

  • donniexx

    The black and white panda hat is so cuuuute! I would love to rock it with my fury iPhone case <3

  • Lisa Pierna
    Lisa Pierna

    The panda hats and the t-shirt! :)

  • Priyanka Gurung
    Priyanka Gurung

    The Panda Hat! I love Khloe <3

  • Michaela Guedes
    Michaela Guedes

    I would really like to win them all so that I can share it with my family and friends they would really enjoy that :)

  • Michelle Arismendi
    Michelle Arismendi

    Who doesn't love Pandas!!! :D

  • Michelle Arismendi
    Michelle Arismendi

    The panda hat of course!! :D

  • Julia Mlvc
    Julia Mlvc

    I love Marylin Monroe so ... I am super excited for the TEE <3

  • Elisa Canela Resendez
    Elisa Canela Resendez

    Panda hat rules!!!!

  • Kanyisa Kanyi Qaba
    Kanyisa Kanyi Qaba

    I love love love the panda hat. <3 Got to have it. :D

  • Kanyisa Kanyi Qaba
    Kanyisa Kanyi Qaba

    Love the panda hat. Must have!

  • Jaimie Carrington
    Jaimie Carrington

    Jam jam wants them all!!

  • Annette Lantis Sanchez
    Annette Lantis Sanchez

    Love the hat, but my daughter loves it even more! It matches her panda beanie & would get a ton of use!!

  • jennifersky

    I love love love Marilyn Monroe Memorabilia and quotes!

  • jennifersky

    The panda hat is too cute!

  • jennifersky

    The panda has is too cute

  • jennifersky

    All of the prizes are awesome!!!!! Pick me pick me lol

  • Bella Smiley
    Bella Smiley

    It would be nice winning something from you and tha panda hat am loving it..!!!! It be hard to choose the winner but i wish i could win something. Good luck to all of the people entering to win these prizes.

  • Marlene Fujiwara
    Marlene Fujiwara

    I also had my parents donate to the WWF to support pandas instea dog giving me a birthday gift one year. I seriously am in love with Pandas!!

  • Marlene Fujiwara
    Marlene Fujiwara

    The panda hat!! I am a panda freak!! I collect pandas of all sorts!! I would LOVE to own one of those panda hats!! I saw someone wearing in Chinatown and wanted one!!! Ask my friends

  • jessval1989

    I want the Marilyn Monroe tee

  • Wen-Wen Lin
    Wen-Wen Lin

    I love pandas! I got hold a cub when I was in China a few years back. I will never forget that moment!

  • Linda Nguyen
    Linda Nguyen

    I'm loving all of the prizes, specially the panda hats!

  • vickif

    Anything Panda...I'm 51 and loved Pandas when Koala's were cool.... Everything I had was Pandas. My room, my bathroom... Pandas just show you how well black & white mix together!!!

  • Wen-Wen Lin
    Wen-Wen Lin

    I love pandas! Got to hold a cub while I was in China a few years ago. Will never forget that moment!

  • Leonard Villasmil
    Leonard Villasmil

    Here's where the prizes go haha! Ladies first!

  • Katy Kemp
    Katy Kemp

    Honestly I love them all but I'm most excited about the panda hat it's so cute and funky and I would love to own my rolemodels hat and I love Khole I would were the hat all the time and to own my idols panda hat would be amazing

  • Leonard Villasmil
    Leonard Villasmil

    And lamar!

  • Leonard Villasmil
    Leonard Villasmil

    The girls most beautiful of the world! And your family

  • Maryah Lopez
    Maryah Lopez

    Luv pandas!

  • Heather Moyer
    Heather Moyer

    All the prizes!

  • Leonard Villasmil
    Leonard Villasmil

    ok. I take it all home, but I wanted to thank you for this space khloe and express THAT LOVE KENDALL AND KYLIE JENNER!

  • Jane Price
    Jane Price

    Pink Panda. Actually anything you want to give me would be graciously received

  • Amanda Greenwood
    Amanda Greenwood

    I would just love to win everything from this list as I am a really big Kardashian fan and a major Khloe fan :D x

  • theofficialeliana

    #pandahat #khloefan #awesomeweddinggift

  • Rebecca Miller
    Rebecca Miller

    I love the panda hats! Owning something Khloe wore would be fabulous. I'm a huge Kardashian fan. I watch it all the time while I'm home recovering from my pacemaker surgery.

  • Rachel Freouf
    Rachel Freouf

    *sorry I meant Tee

  • Rachel Freouf
    Rachel Freouf

    I would love to win all of it. Especially the toe and the panda hat I think it would be pretty awesome to own something that Khloe has.

  • taryng

    This would be the perfect addition to my wardrobe! I have a Monkey beanie, and he needs a friend! Would love love love this!

  • Nubia N David Garza
    Nubia N David Garza

    U both look cute and the pandas cap is adorable.

  • Leonard Villasmil
    Leonard Villasmil

    any of These awards ... is perfect!

  • Danielle Marchi
    Danielle Marchi

    I want the #BlackPanda as it's the one i'm most excited about, i love it and it's so cute and i'd love to own one of my icons old hats

  • Shannon Barrier-Correll
    Shannon Barrier-Correll

    Honestly I would love any of them!! I am a big fan of Khloe bc she holds back nothing and always speaks her mind! She is honest to a fault. Now if had to chose it would be the #PinkPanda for my daughter!!

  • Leonard Villasmil
    Leonard Villasmil

    I saw it and thought it would look good on someone else! (:

  • Kelly Lime Marcano
    Kelly Lime Marcano

    I love all of the prizes, but the panda hat has to be my favorite! I LOVE pandas.

  • Crystal Hernández
    Crystal Hernández

    I love all especially the panda hat! :)

  • Rita Montoya-Rivera
    Rita Montoya-Rivera

    You both look adorable. Love your hat Khloe.Would love to win the Marilyn Monroe Tee or the Panda hats. ♡

  • Sam Preston
    Sam Preston

    Panda hat! Love your style!!

  • leanntorres

    I love khloe im her biggest mega super duper fan and I also love cute little pandas so totally adorbs so I really have a lot of hope to win <3

  • Curtis Lu
    Curtis Lu

    The panda hats!

  • Christina Marie Rix
    Christina Marie Rix

    I love the hats- my daughter is 15 and totally into pandas! she would love them ♥

  • heatherashley

    omg. this would be perfecttttt for my sister!

  • Frances Rosas
    Frances Rosas

    I really love the prizes and I can't wait to win them !

  • xonikkiox98


  • Kylie Jessica Iorio
    Kylie Jessica Iorio

    You're looking gorgeous Khloe! And you and Lamar are looking absolutely cute!

  • xonikkiox98

    Thank you Celebuzz and ThestyleSpace for giving us such an amazing opportunity! I will appreciate it FOREVER

  • xonikkiox98

    I am literally going to prey that I win because it would make such an awesome birthday present since my birthday is very soon as well haha!

  • Leonard Villasmil
    Leonard Villasmil

    I could not decide so I chose at random!

  • xonikkiox98

    I can write SOOOO much but I dont want to be too long! I would be so !grateful if i had this AMAZING opportunity to win my role models panda hat!

  • sleach


  • xonikkiox98

    Khloe has been my role model for a very long time! She has taught me how to smile and just have fun! Khloe is such a genuinely kind person and has a beautiful soul I think that this is so cool and i love this giveaway!

  • tiphanna

    My birthday was last Tuesday and it was lame!! I had to study that day,plus had no money to buy myself anything. I also LOVE Marilyn Monroe and of course pandas.

  • Beth McKenna
    Beth McKenna

    i would love the black or pink panda hat because it would be a great peive to my summer wardrobe an would go well with my summer outfits!!

  • pandamanda85

    I would love to WIN!!! I love the hat! My entire family and in-laws call me Panda Manda!!!! Also, I'm totally addicitde to KUWTK!!! Xoxo

  • Pier Angela Parker
    Pier Angela Parker

    " I want the #PinkPanda" Love it! I collect Pandas! This would be a great one to add to my collection! Great Pic! #KHLOE&LAMAR <3 XO

  • Beth McKenna
    Beth McKenna

    i would love to win the khloe kardashian panda hats!! because its gorgeous and i love khloe! shes my idol so id love to own something of hers!!! woul be a dream :D

  • xonikkiox98

    Im trying to comment but my post isnt showing up

  • lchicago

    The Panda Hat is outstanding!

  • Unnati Chouhan
    Unnati Chouhan

    The #BlackPandaHat i love that

  • Beth McKenna
    Beth McKenna

    i would live to win the panda har! because khloe kardashian i my idol an i live her also it is gorgeous an fashionable and would fit greatly to my summer wardrobe!! would be a dream to win this!!

  • Lalli Lopez
    Lalli Lopez

    I'm excited for all the prizes! I'm so ready to rock the panda bag along with dressing up my iPhone!!! I love having all kinda of cases and making my phone cute! And the 100$ online shopping oh yes!! Who doesn't love shopping!!

  • Ria Alonso
    Ria Alonso

    Pick me ..pick me! ! Love ya Khloe your biggest fan Ria

  • Pj Yaretzi
    Pj Yaretzi

    I'm so excited I would luv to win the Panda hat!! For my baby giel she luvs pandas and another reason why it would be so cool to be able ro say its from my fav fav Kardashian Khloe. Sharing this w your fans is so awesome.

  • xonikkiox98

    HI! OK so I would LOVE the panda hat! Khloe has been my role model for a very long time. She taught me how to always smile and to just be happy. I have a Kardashian twitter page and Khloe follows me. I am SO thankful for that! I know that TONS of people are entering but if i were chosen I would feel like the luckiest person in the world. I love Khloe more than life itself. I would be forever grateful if i had this AMAZING opportunity to win my role models panda hat! I am literally going to prey that I win because it would make such an awesome birthday present since my birthday is very soon as well haha! Thank you Celebuzz and ThestyleSpace for giving us such an amazing opportunity! I will appreciate it FOREVER

  • cwalker9762

    I Love ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!the Prize.

  • Genesis Terrones
    Genesis Terrones

    I would love to win the panda hat!!! I love pandas! My man calls me his little panda, I also have a panda angel tattoo on my wrist!!!

  • Tamara Alexandria
    Tamara Alexandria

    Since I idolize Marilyn Monroe, definitely the Tee!

  • Cort Kern
    Cort Kern

    Are you kidding me! EVERYTHING and its my birthday the day you end this contest.

  • rereret123

    I just absolutely love love love that panda hat!!!!

  • ashweepe42

    Black Panda hat!

  • paceliving

    The panda hat is adorable. I am definitely excited for that one the most!

  • Latoyah McGibbon
    Latoyah McGibbon

    I'm soooo excited about the "F&$% Society" Marilyn Monroe tee :P

  • Kristel Kish
    Kristel Kish

    Panda hat!!! I luv pandas! So cute!

  • jonmayne

    i have friends who want thoes hats

  • Janelle Hammer
    Janelle Hammer

    The panda hat is the best!!! So cute and if you are a SF giants fan then you know why I want it!!

  • Diana Kane
    Diana Kane

    I want all of them so I ca share it with my sister who is also a huge u and ur family....

  • Diana Kane
    Diana Kane

    I want all of them so I ca share it with my sister who is also a huge u and ur family...

  • kitahawk

    I would cherish a panda hat like Khloe's her spirit is so light and kind - I am sure she is many people's unofficial life coach! I could use some new items from StyleSpace - I am slowly but surely returning to my pre-baby weight and it would be fun to treat myself to something sparkly :o)

  • tiphanna

    Who wouldn't want a panda hat and Marilyn Monroe t shirt??!

  • Ashley Grimes
    Ashley Grimes

    I LoVE lOVE LovEEee The PANDA HAT!!!! OMGSH So CutE!!!! I want it ALL shoot is From KOKO..Xx

  • Adriana Rodriguez Landeros
    Adriana Rodriguez Landeros

    I would be soo excited & delighted to win the Panda hat!! It's the cutest!! Thanks for this opportunity The Style Space!

  • kardashianfan1234

    I really want to win the panda hats, b/c my sister and I watch every episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians & we LOVE Khloe's style & outfits. Also, it'd be pretty cool to have our favorite animal on our heads!! ❤

  • July Snow
    July Snow

    muy bonita pareja god bless

  • Claire Smithers
    Claire Smithers

    I would love the panda hat - I love Khloe and pandas

  • Megan Humphreys
    Megan Humphreys

    I love pandas!!! this hat would make my life, i think i love pandas just as much as i love khloe!

  • Panda BeBe
    Panda BeBe

    I'm excited all of the prizes especially Khloe's panda hat!! i wish i can win this as a gifts for myself!! I hope i can win this..

  • Shenna Pinkett
    Shenna Pinkett

    The panda hat of course!

  • Taurie Norris
    Taurie Norris

    I would love the $100 online credit. I would be able to buy my bridesmaid thank you gifts.

  • ope24

    Love it.. If I win I'm giving it to my daughter she would so love it too

  • Sarah Oelke Keating White
    Sarah Oelke Keating White

    I would love to win the panda hats...those are the best part of the prize!

  • asherahrenee

    I really want the marilyn Monroe tee I just adore her and khloes hat is super cute :)

  • neveah25

    I want the panda hat! <3 Please. :)

  • Wanda Aponte
    Wanda Aponte

    Love the hat..favor color black n white...looks good on you

  • Tiffany Blair Register
    Tiffany Blair Register

    I am super excited about the panda hat!! How cute.

  • Bernee Hamid
    Bernee Hamid

    I would love to win the panda hat ... It's so adorable .... :)

  • vane045

    im excited for all of the products!!! i would love to have each of them!!!

  • jessval1989

    I want the Marilyn Monroe tee

  • Grey Geofry Sync
    Grey Geofry Sync

    Thank God You are Able to Embrace Each Other with Love and Nothing Between... To Keep You Apart..

  • Carrie Hall
    Carrie Hall

    Fun! I'd love to win that Panda Hat!

  • LV LV
    LV LV

    Love them all!!!

  • Vivian Navarro
    Vivian Navarro

    Im excited to win the panda hat! I would love to win so I could match with my bf! :D please let me win! Khloe and Lamar are the best couple out there hands down :)

  • Heather Tucci
    Heather Tucci

    I'm excited mostly about the panda hat! My sister is obsessed with pandas!

  • kardashianlove12

    I'm excited for all the prizes because its coming from the Kardashians. I'm the hugest fan and I'd love to have something from them expecially from Khloe <3

  • Mickey Drinkard
    Mickey Drinkard

    PANDA Hat! I am obsessed with Pandas. I have been obsessed with them since I was a child, and then in college the Panda was my sorority mascot. It's been a life long obsession and there's no chance of slowing down anytime soon.

  • logansfaith

    Totally want the panda hat!!!

  • Jennie Valentin
    Jennie Valentin

    I would love all the prizes!!! The panda hat looks adorable!! Thanks for the chance to win the prize pack!!

  • Jade Hall
    Jade Hall

    Bible that panda hat is hot! And there's always room in my wardrobe for Marilyn Monroe!

  • Kimberly Sveda
    Kimberly Sveda

    I love you guys! Your the greatest couple :) you are amazing and the most perfect role models that I can think of :) love you!

  • hslane118

    Iam most excited about the PANDA hat I love pandas

  • Berty Morales
    Berty Morales

    I will love to win the Panda Hat of course! Super excited and thanks for sharing this amazing giveaway!

  • lexivincent

    I am excited for all of the prizes. It's rare there is ever a giveaway with all the stuff I am looking for/love. Khloe's taste in hats and everything is right up my alley.

  • Stephanie Lynn Kemp
    Stephanie Lynn Kemp

    Ahhhh so cute! I want your #pinkpanda and i Want $100 credit for myself for once. i have two kids that i spoil non stop please give me something random to be excited about! <3

  • Chloe Lawrence
    Chloe Lawrence

    i am excited about all the prizes as this an amazing competition. i love the celebrity buzz and khloe kardashian odom. I would love all of this so much. PANDAS!! XOX

  • jessicamarr11

    The Panda hat because the amazing Khlo Money has it and she's such an incredible inspiration xx

  • Andi Ellena Ruiz
    Andi Ellena Ruiz

    Aww, I wanna win! I'm excited about the whole giveaway but especially for the panda hat. Since I am Andi Pandi, I need that hat! lol :]

  • Amber Crites
    Amber Crites

    Ah my girl is obsessed with pandas! That would be the best ever to win!!!

  • Yolanda Lamar
    Yolanda Lamar

    My daughter would LOVE the panda hat!!!

  • heather727

    im excited for all the prizes but more the $100 online credit. my daughter would take the hat and phone cover and id prolly let her use the credit to do back to school shopping. gotta have the most awesome clothes to start off ur freshman yr :) thank you for the chance.

  • Shawna Maven Hale
    Shawna Maven Hale

    My two year old daughter would go nuts for matching panda hats !! I'm a stay at home mom if 2 and would love the online credit and phone case... Would be nice to get excited over something other than potty training !! - pick me <3

  • Jessica Chavarria
    Jessica Chavarria

    I totally love all of it. I <3 pandahat #pandatime #whoop you khloe ....

  • Sarah Mj Kirst
    Sarah Mj Kirst

    We won't look as cute in it as you but we can sure try! :p

  • Wanda Rivera
    Wanda Rivera

    I want the panda Wanda hat it's sexy just like u doll :)

  • Mémèl Breezy
    Mémèl Breezy

    Omg this is so cool! first thanks you so much for this AMAZING Giveaway i'm definitely excited for this cute panda hats ! Love it

  • Janeth Acosta De Guzman
    Janeth Acosta De Guzman

    I'm so beyond excited for all these amazing gifts!!! I hope I win! These gifts r so cool and fin to have.

  • Gabrielle Rainwater
    Gabrielle Rainwater

    I love them all but I definitely want the Marilyn Monroe Tee!

  • Amanda Vest
    Amanda Vest

    OMG that's sooooo super cute! I've never seen a hat like that where I live!!! Love Khloes sense of style!!!!

  • Manda Panda Harper
    Manda Panda Harper

    I have to have to have the panda hat!!! I can't live without it!!! I love panda bears!!!!

  • Wanda Rivera
    Wanda Rivera

    I want the panda Wanda hat?'b

  • Trish Morrison-Boshey
    Trish Morrison-Boshey

    I really want that panda bear hat aha it looks awesum xD i hope i get it becuz i LOVE pandas :D my favourite animal :) please let me win lol my life would be set aha xD cuz it will go amazin wit my sweater ^_^

  • klodagh

    Well said !! Amy Holman :)

  • Amy Holman
    Amy Holman

    Hello, i'm most excited about wining the panda hats :) as i feel black and white contrast with everything :) they are a cute little fashion accessory that i would be proud to wear. Also the hats would keep my little head warm if we have any more cold weather :) thank you for this opportunity xo

  • kari6991

    I definitely want the panda hats. One for me and my baby girl. We can be styling together. They're to cute :) have an awesome day khloe

  • klodagh

    woo lets win some prizes :P the only thing I ever won was a selection box in my primary school in a raffle it the best prize for a 7 year old at the time :P

  • crystalstar87

    I want the Panda hat! Please Please Please! My name is Crystal :)

  • leeglantee

    omg lol my daughter is panda crazey and would love love your hat, "I want the #BlackPanda" she would go insane if she won,

  • rockinrobin1976

    I want the Panda Hat the most and Khloe is my favorite one of the girls....she is down to earth and tells it like it is!!!!

  • Kari Wilkins
    Kari Wilkins

    I would love the "furry friend" iphone case! It's so cute!

  • kristalee

    I'm excited about all the prizes, but especially the panda hat! So me! Xoxoxo

  • gobias

    the panda hat would be amazing!

  • klodagh

    woah Guys this is PANDAmonium ;)

  • bradwee

    I'd be excited for all the prizes! the panda hat would be the best, though ❤✌

  • Natalie Brown
    Natalie Brown

    Koko love the pandy hat!!!

  • christinexo17

    Not going to lie, I'm excited for all the prizes hahahahah!

  • klodagh

    ''Burrr its cold in here I said there must be some PANDAS in the atmosphere'' ;)

  • Trish Morrison-Boshey
    Trish Morrison-Boshey

    I would like to win the panada bear hat :D i love panadas! Itd be awesum if i won :) so thats what im choosin ^_^

  • Valerie Binion
    Valerie Binion

    All the prizes except the iPhone case because I dont have one :)

  • Lynn Patterson
    Lynn Patterson

    Love the panda hat!!! Would love to win!!!

  • klodagh

    you gotta think positive girlllss '' We are getting that panda hat'' :P :)

  • Yesenia Gomez
    Yesenia Gomez

    I want the #BlackPanda I want the #PinkPanda please Khole this would be perfect for my love and I

  • christinexo17

    I'm excited for the panda hat! Huge fan of the kardashians(:

  • Lisa Smart
    Lisa Smart

    I'm most interested in the Marilyn Tee & Panda Hat please :-)

  • antu82

    I am excited about all the prizes!!!!

  • Shawna Maven Hale
    Shawna Maven Hale

    I am sooo excited about the panda hat. My two year old daughter would go nuts if we had matching panda hats ! Would also love the phone case and online credit !!! Please let me win! I'm a stay at home mom of 2 and would love something new to get excited about :)

  • klodagh

    Wait Im excited for wearing the panda hat ;)

  • Mindy Stephens
    Mindy Stephens

    Khloe, my only tattoo is of a panda, so - me, me, me

  • Kayleigh Liann Mapplebeck
    Kayleigh Liann Mapplebeck

    Khloes fantabulous panda hat!!

  • Claire Murray
    Claire Murray

    defo the panda hat gotta love a panda :) much love amd peace claire

  • Amanda Mendoza
    Amanda Mendoza

    I am excited about the panda hat because I am obsessed with pandas my mom been calling me panda since I was born I would love to win it!!!! Also $100 online credit because I never spend my money on shopping this money I would spend for me and my family because that just who I am. I want to buy thing for my mom and me :)

  • Ashly Diane Mann
    Ashly Diane Mann

    The panda hat is soooo cute<3 must have for this summer!

  • Maddy Kingsbury
    Maddy Kingsbury

    I want to win the panda hat soooo bad it's super cute!!!

  • Amanda M. Yost
    Amanda M. Yost

    I love Khloe and I would love to have her panda hat!

  • bradwee

    I'd be excited for all the prizes! the panda hat would be the best, though✌

  • djefferson4

    I'm excited about all the prizes! And I love Khloe!

  • klodagh

    The Panda Hat! :)

  • lwschlprncss13

    LOVE the panda hat on Khloe!!! TOO cute!!!

  • Lidya Iluz
    Lidya Iluz

    I wanna win the #BlackPanda

  • Reda Caldwell Smith
    Reda Caldwell Smith

    The panda hat..of course!! Everyday needs one :) But wouldn't turn down any of them!

  • Margaret Mccartney
    Margaret Mccartney

    Would love the panda hat Kyle is so cute with it on would also love the credit voucher to x

  • danaka95

    panda hatt! <3

  • Beverlii Stafrace
    Beverlii Stafrace

    I want the #PinkPanda.

  • Elysia Dugan
    Elysia Dugan

    I would love to win the Black Panda hat! Pandas are beautiful creatures and they need all the help they can get by us raising awareness of the negative impact of human encroachment on their habitat. Also, I'm a HUGE fan ;)

  • danaka95


  • Sarah Hoag
    Sarah Hoag

    OMGaaa! 2 panda hats? I would twinsie my kids.

  • Laura Engel Wallace
    Laura Engel Wallace

    I'm sooooooooooooooooo excited about the panda hat!!!! I LOVE pandas!!!!

  • Sarah Winakur
    Sarah Winakur

    I would be so excited about that Panda Hat. Its my sorority unofficial mascot and I love pandas. They are so awesome.

  • ilovekhloeko


  • bradwee

    I'd be excited for all the prizes! the panda hat would be the best✌

  • Sequoyah C. W. Maxwell
    Sequoyah C. W. Maxwell

    I would love the $100.00 credit line! I love your clothing line, I just can't afford it right now!

  • Amie Miller
    Amie Miller

    I would <3 to win that panda hat! So cute:)

  • starfall

    PANDA HAT!!!! Super cute, loveeeeee it!

  • sadiesjogren

    I'm most excited about the panda hat because it's very 'Khloe' and I love her unique style! It's great! I'd so wear this out! Would LOVE to win this!! The Marylin Tee seems pretty awesome as well, it'd be so great to win one or even all of the prizes!! I love the Kardashians (especially Khloe!!) :)

  • Sarah Hoag
    Sarah Hoag

    I need that panda hat!!

  • Nancii Greens
    Nancii Greens

    Im excited about winning the tshirt! Yay

  • Katie Watson
    Katie Watson

    Want all of these!!!!!

  • Teresa Crespo
    Teresa Crespo

    love u Khloe!!!! Thanks for the opportunity and I would love your panda hat!

  • Samantha Garner
    Samantha Garner

    DEFINITELY most excited about the panda hat. The t-shirt sounds pretty rad too.

  • Melissa Lafrenier
    Melissa Lafrenier

    I love all the freebies.....!!!! Black panda will look good on me!! not to mention I need a new case!!!

  • Liz Conville Hamilton
    Liz Conville Hamilton

    I love it all!

  • Samantha Garner
    Samantha Garner

    I'll adopt him!

  • Audrey Pictureperfect Rose
  • Lauren Bridges
    Lauren Bridges

    Those panda hats are beyond cute! That's what I'm most excited for!

  • Audrey Pictureperfect Rose
    Audrey Pictureperfect Rose

    lovin the hat its cute


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