Ian Ziering Explains How Chippendales Boosted His Marriage (And Then He Got a Lap Dance)

If your husband landed a gig in Chippendale’s, odds are it would probably turn you on at least a little bit.

Former 90210 star Ian Zieringsays he’s experiencing this now as his stint in Vegas kicks into overdrive. (“It’s lust-inspiring,” he said.)

What else has it done for his marriage to Erin Kristine Ludwig? Well, our good friend and 90210 superfan Amelia from The Frisky got the answers when she graciously stepped in to interview Ziering on Tuesday. (And then she, you know, gave him a lap dance.)

Check out the interview in the video, above, and then see the results from the lap dance, below. (Hint: It basically turns into some type of early afternoon version of Magic Mike.)

Happy Wednesday!

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