Jay-Z Debuts 'Magna Carta Holy Grail' Album Cover Alongside an Original Magna Carta, Of Course

Proof: Jay-Z is holier than thou.

The rapper's album cover art for his much-hyped Magna Carta... Holy Grail album — has been deemed divine enough for the house of God — specifically, the Salisbury Cathedral in England.

For the entire month of July, Jay-Z's album art will be featured in a Salisbury art installation alongside one of the only four surviving original 1215 Magna Carta documents, according to the music mogul's lifestyle website, Life + Times.

Magna Carta... Holy Grail will be released early to users of a Samsung app on Thursday, a full three days ahead of it dropping for the general public. As Samsung pre-ordered one million copies, the album will likely be certified platinum almost immediately.

Now that's the Holy Grail.



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