‘Lovelace’ Trailer: Amanda Seyfried Brings Linda and the 1970s To Life

Here’s your first look at Amanda Seyfried as Linda Lovelace in the official trailer for the highly anticipated biopic Lovelace.

Released by Radius-TWC this week, the clip introduces viewers to pretty much every major star of the film: Seyfried as Lovelace, Peter Sarsgaard as the man who started it all (and married Linda Lovelace) Chuck Traynor, Hank Azaria as Deep Throat director Gerard Damiano and James Franco as a very young Hugh Hefner, to name a few.

The film tells the story of how Lovelace, whose real name was Linda Boreman, shot to stardom after starring in Deep Throat in 1972. The movie, which also stars Adam Brody, Wes Bentley, Chris Noth (yes, Mr. Big) and the lovely Chloe Sevigny, is due for an August release.

Is it too early to mention Seyfried and awards season?

[Clip courtesy of Radius-TWC and Access Hollywood]