Miley Cyrus: I Was Lil’ Kim ‘In My Past Life’

While they barely look alike, Miley Cyrus is convinced that she was Lil’ Kim in a past life.

In a video interview with Billboard released this week, the magazine’s cover girl shares her five favorite female singers. After describing “the most special person in the world,” aka. her godmother and country legend Dolly Parton, Cyrus gushes about Lil’ Kim.

“In my past life, I feel like that was me . . . Lil’ Kim is who I am on the inside,” she says. “She just makes me happy, listening to her music. I just love her and I can’t help that I love her.”

Does this mean Miley was responsible for Kim’s purple pasty disaster at the 1999 Grammy Awards? Probably not, but it’s still a good excuse to look at that dress again. Ah, memories.

Watch more of Miley’s interview with Billboard, above.