So Maybe Jay-Z Won’t Be Having a Concert on David Letterman’s Marquee

Jay-Z’s marquee concert atop the Ed Sullivan Theater in midtown New York is a no-go.

The plans for Jay-Z to stage a concert on the marquee of the Sullivan Theater, where the Late Show with David Letterman is filmed, were initially approved, but a police source tells the New York Post that the decision has been reversed at the last minute. Representatives for Jay-Z, Letterman and city officials were supposed to meet Tuesday to iron out the final details, but that meeting was canceled at the last minute. The concert was scheduled for next Monday.

The Post’s source speculates that concerns about terrorism and/or fireworks are the city’s reason for canceling the show. However, another source guesses it may be because the NYPD was concerned about crowd control. The concert’s approval was widely reported and Jay-Z performing for free, in public in midtown Manhattan would likely draw a large crowd. Plans for a similar concert were scrapped in 2010 after someone leaked details about it to the Post which rendered it difficult to ensure everyone’s safety.

No one from the mayor’s office, the Late Show with David Letterman, or Jay-Z’s camp has commented publicly about the cancelation.

It’s unclear whether or not Jay-Z will still appear on Letterman’s show next week. He would have been promoting his upcoming album, “Magna Carta Holy Grail.” But thanks to a rule change by the RIAA this week, Jigga’s album is already guaranteed to be certified platinum, so it’s not like he really needs to do any promotion.