Hollywood Tweets: Happy July 4th

Between all the hot dogs, sunshine and patriotism, some of Hollywood’s most famous faces have taken the time to share their Independence Day wishes on Twitter.

Heidi Klum, who became an American citizen some five years ago, is spending her Fourth of July in a bikini, along with red, white and blue accessories, according to her Instagram and Twitter. The German-born beauty also noted that she was vacation with her “4 little ducks,” perhaps a nod to her four young children?

Elsewhere in the Twitterverse, Kaley Cuoco wished everyone a “happy, safe and delightful 4th,” as the rest of the world continues to wonder if she’ll ever tweet again about her new boyfriend Henry Cavill.

Nick Lachey hit the pool with his family, Mariah Carey shared a vintage patriotic selfie while Kyle Richards hit up a local parade.

Here’s what other stars had to say about the 4th of July:

Heidi Klum: Happy 4th of July everyone!

Samuel L. Jackson: HAPPY 4th YALL!! Got a Volcano light show on lock for tonite!!

Kirstie Alley: Let Freedom Ring!!!!!!!

Andrew Rannells: Happy Independence Day everyone! Let’s day drink and toast our immigrant ancestors!

Jared Followill: “I’m proud to be an American. Where at least I know I’m kind of free, I guess” just didn’t have the same ring to it. #FailedSongs

Nick Jonas: Happy Fourth of July everyone! God bless America.

Mark Ruffalo: Happy 4th of July. May the True Meaning of this great experiment our forefather started live on. Keep fighting the GOOD fight.

Joan Rivers: Happy Birthday, America! Wishing you all a very happy, safe and fun Fourth of July!


Stephen Colbert: Happy 4th of July! If you go 2 sleep tonight with the same number of fingers you woke up with, did you REALLY honor our country enough?

Kaley Cuoco: Have a happy, safe and delightful 4th, everyone!!!!!

Snooki: Happy Fourth of July . . . hope everyone has a safe and fun time with their families !!! XOXO

Nick Lachey: Happy #independence day to everyone! Hope you all get to share it with the ones you love. Thankfully, I do. Time to hit the pool!

Vanessa Hudgens: Oh snap. Happy 4th.

Channing Tatum: Happy 4th of July everybody, hope you have a safe and fun day with family and friends.

Diddy: Happy 4th of July!!! Celebrate your independence and the Red, White and blue the right way!!!

Robin Thicke: Wishing everyone a happy and safe 4th of July. Have fun today.

Khloe Kardashian: Happy 4th of July!!! Stay blessed, stay happy, stay safe!!! Xoxoxo love always

Ariana Grande: Happy 4th of July!!

Austin Mahone: HAPPY 4TH OF JULY!!! I love you :)