Realty Byte: Ryan Serhant Goes Gaga (Kinda) For Lady Gaga’s $22K A Month NYC Pad

Million Dollar Listing New York’s Ryan Serhant has decided that one byte is just never enough.

And his next realty victim a mother of a monster… we mean, Mother Monster.

Yes, we’re talking about none other than the “queen of the universe” herself, Lady Gaga.

While the edgy pop princess continues to shock the world one outfit at a time, her surprisingly less-than-dramatic apartment is chic, reserved, and modest from top to underwhelming bottom.

The New York native is currently renting the 1,985-square-foot Central Park property. But despite it’s hum-drum appearance, the value of the pricey penthouse has been steadily increasing from $17,000 to a $weet $22,000 a month in the last few years. And it makes sense because before Gaga went gaga for her new home, Louis Armstrong, Liza Minnelli and Broadway director Michael Bennett all enjoyed the pad’s A-list amenities.

The 2-bedroom, 2-bath apartment features a keyed elevator entrance, walk-in closet (for all those ridiculously wacky designer duds), two fireplaces, and four stunning terraces overlooking the landmark park.

While the home may seem too reserved for such a outlandish character such as Gaga (how could you forget the meat dress?), the home prides itself on ultimate privacy. So has her recent downtime after hip surgery changed the Queen of Pop’s taste to a more mature, mild style … or is she really just as conventional and reserved as her home?

Well, knowing Gaga’s taste for the weird, she’ll probably fancy it up by throwing in a mannequin or two with some pink hair… down there… to spice up the place, you know.

Go on your own very special Gaga-inspired guided tour with Ryan Serhant in his newest installment of Realty Byte in the video above.