The 25 Most Outrageously Expen$ive Celebrity Homes

Now this is what we call living large.

So when you’re chillin’ on the beach this Fourth of July, flipping burgers and hot dogs on your backyard patio grill and just having fun in the sun, just think of how that much more awesome the uber rich and famous are livin’ it up in celebration of our nation’s birthday.

And how do you celebrate? — with a swanky bday bash in your fancy pad for the ultimate house party (duh).

When it comes to these celebs, their ridonkulous digs can host parties mere laypeople can only dream of — the kind you have when you stash millions in the bank and have a mega-mansion on the side.

For example, you can do it like “Summertime” king Will Smith with a jam session in his private recording studio at his $20 million Cali super home.

Or if that doesn’t do it for you, how about 24-year-old billionaire Formula One heiress, Petra Ecclestone, who plunked down a whopping $85 million on L.A.’s priciest pad for random rooms like a gift wrapping suite and bowling alley. But the real party will be in her custom-built nightclub…that’s right… inside her mansion.

How about just hangin’ poolside with JLo, who’s miles away from being “Jenny from the Block” and is definitely wearing the rocks that she’s got in her brand new $10M Hamptons mansion.

Or go party-hopping in 50 Cent’s 52-room, $9.99 million humongous Connecticut mansion or get your 90210 pre-party on in Christina Aguilera’s $11.5 million at-home salon.

Take a tour of the 25 Most Expensive Celebrity Homes in the gallery above.