When Celebrity Hair Hails the Red, White and Blue

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The Fourth of July is a time to fete the freedom of the United States of America. So, how better to do that than to flaunt the red, white and blue?

We’re not just talking themed party favors, fashions and foods. That’s become tradition. We say go one step further in honoring our fair founding fathers — by dyeing your ‘do with our country’s colors!

Hollywood stars have taken the lead with the trend, proudly sporting all shades of red, white and blue in their locks. Katy Perry owned a berry blue bob, Rihanna rocked flaming tresses, and Anderson Cooper continues to make George Washington proud with his coveted white hair.

So this Independence Day, whether you’re barbecuing all afternoon, prancing in parades, soaking those holiday rays on the beach or watching in awe as fireworks ignite the night sky, show your patriotism with some a splash of American flag shades in your locks. (If you don’t want to commit to dye, go temporary with some hair chalk).

Take a cue from these stars looks for a little hair hue inspiration.