Candace Cameron Was a Total Fangirl at Last Night’s New Kids on the Block Show

Holy nostalgia Batman!

What do you get when you put two faces from one of the most popular TV shows from the ‘90s with five of the hottest guys from the same decade?

Look no further than Candace Cameron Bure’s Instagram feed for the answer.

On Friday, the 37-year-old and her former Full House co-star and current BFF Andrea Barber (aka. Kimmy Gibbler) joined thousands of screaming fans at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, where New Kids on the Block took to the stage for their Package Tour.

Thanks to Bure’s Instagram, we can now confirm that she is a not only a total NKOTB fan girl, but her absolute favorite is Joey McIntyre. (Don’t worry, gossipmongers, in real life, Bure is happily married to former NHL star Valeri Bure and they have three beautiful children).

Launch the gallery, above, for all things NKOTB through the eyes of DJ Tanner.

Now, how can I get the Full House theme song out of my head?