Bradley Cooper And Gerard Butler Play Twins And Steal Our Hearts At Wimbledon Finals Match

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Oh, that’s awkward.

You know what, who are we kidding? Bradley Cooper and Gerard Butlerare never anything but adorable, even if they happen to have been wearing very similar blazers to the final match of Wimbledon 2013.

It certainly didn’t bother the boys any, because they enthusiastically cheered on Andy Murray(we’re assuming), took some cell phone selfies, and even hugged out their excitement. Yes, you read that correctly. Bradley Cooper and Gerard Butler hugged it out while wearing nearly identical blazers. Boys night out was in full effect.

The boys were in good company during the match, as they sat in the Royal Box just behind the Duke of Kent and Victoria Beckham.

Check out the gallery above for all the man-hugs, selfies, and Posh Spice realness.