Heidi Klum Went To The Beach And Came Back With A Burnt Bum

Heidi's Burnt Bum
Heidi Klum is loving every minute of her very posh, and very long, vacation to the Bahamas. She's loved it so much that her Twitter followers are basically on the vacation with her. Aren't they the lucky ones?

That being said, we're drawing the line at showing off her burnt, yet somehow still flawless, bum.

A few hours ago, Klum tweeted the above photo of her newly formed tan lines, exposing a little more than her itsy bitsy bikini normally would have.

Lets all get this over with....

You look amazing no matter how sun burnt you are Heidi. Now keep your crack to yourself. You're giving the rest of us a complex.



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  • Elizabeth Graessle Lopez
    Elizabeth Graessle Lopez

    Exactly what I mean. Heidi dresses like a teenaged slut on the beach. Can you imagine how humiliating this must be for her kids? Esp when the other kids at school start making fun of them. Cover up and have some modesty! You can learn class and still be beautiful.