Ellen Grossman, Jay-Z’s Subway Friend, Gives the Only ‘Magna Carta Holy Grail’ Review That Matters

Ellen Grossman, whose subway encounter with Jay-Z was a viral hit last year, as invited by MTV to review her old pals new album which came out today. Grossman, an artist herself, enjoyed the three songs she listened to off “Magna Carta Holy Grail.” She especially liked “Holy Grail,” which Grossman described as “just exquisite.” Grossman also liked “Part II (On the Run)” which features Beyoncé, admiring the couple’s “real connection and real willingness to show their vulnerability.” Grossman also called the track “very sexy.” As for “BBC,” Grossman said the song made her want to dance, sadly, however, she abstained.

While Jay-Z’s old R train pal is a fan, other critics have been much more mixed in their reception. The New York Times criticizes the album for being filled with “ups and downs.” The Los Angeles Times says it’s “full of empty boasts.” USA Today, however, gave it a perfect four star review, calling it “more than worth the wait.”

As for Hova himself, he’s spent the day responding to questions on Twitter. We’ve learned, amongst other things, that Cap’n Crunch is his favorite cereal, linguine with clam is his favorite pasta, he likes to talk about Miley Cyrus a lot and this won’t be his last album. He also displays incredible stamina, Jay’s been at this for hours already and there’s no signs of stopping.