Read Lauryn Hill’s Prison Menu

Three-course meals are a thing the past for Lauryn Hill. But she will be getting three solid meals a day behind bars.

Now that she’s checked into the Federal Correctional Institution in Danbury, Conn. for a three-month stay, Hill’s got an array of (semi) delectable menu options during her visit.

And because even Grammy Award-winning inmates don’t receive preferential treatment, the Fugees frontwoman will be eating what everyone else has on their plates.

First up, she’ll be ready to dine with the rest of her cell mates tonight, confirms prison PIO Matthew Marske.

So what’s on the menu?

Pork BBQ (or pork roast), baked sweet potato, peas and carrots, black eyed peas, wheat bread, margarine and a beverage (bon appetit!)

And just in case the limited menu is not up to five-star snuff, she’ll also have access to the prison commissary. But she better choose wisely with a limit of $80 a week to shop till she drops.

Hill, who’s serving the short sentence for dodging her taxes (to the tune of $1 million over a decade), will have hundreds of items at her fingertips from hair dye to black eyeliner and “mauvey” lip gloss to Kool-Aid, pork rinds, Velveeta cheese and even Sony ear buds.

And she’ll be earning her keep.

The minimum security facility is more like a prison camp, Marske tells Celebuzz. And all inmates are expected to work once they are medically cleared.

“She can work on the grounds or as an orderly, in food services or even in the religious services department,” he said.

The 38-year-old will also have access to educational and recreational opportunities, like the library; hobby crafts programs including crocheting, knitting and painting; as well as team sports like basketball, softball, walking and aerobics.

And at the end of the day she’ll rest her head in the barracks-style facilities with 210 other female felons housed in two separate large rooms.

Take a look at Lauryn’s monthly prison menu and commissary choices in the gallery above.