This 12-Foot-Tall Statue of Colin Firth Is Currently Floating in a London Lake

A 12-foot-tall statue of Colin Firth as Pride and Prejudice’s Mr. Darcy (think Stay Puft from Ghostbusters, only way, way, way sexier) was erected Monday in London’s Serpentine lake, apparently to promote some new UK TV channel called Drama.

The statue, which is made out of fiberglass and depicts the now-famous scene in which Firth emerges from a lake all wet and see-through-shirty, will apparently travel around England for awhile before finally settling into its permanent home in Lyme Park.

Between this and Andy Murray’s victory at Wimbledon on Sunday, the UK is already having the best week ever.

More photos, below. (Click to see a larger version.)

Photos courtesy of Pacific Coast News Online

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