R.Patz Knows How to Open Car Doors, Looks Cool While Doing It

Enjoy the winning captions for our Robert Pattinson caption contest.

Semi-Exclusive... Robert Pattinson Shops For Groceries
Hey, Robert Pattinson, good on ya, brother! No seriously, good for you. Most people, upon noticing a camera in their face, would try their darndest not to look like a doofus. But not you! And I respect that. "Smile pretty for the camera" is so boring. So strike your dorky pose, mug for those intrusive photographers, and let the silly captions flow:

"looks like hes trying to fart" - Crystal

"Pocket pool?! No. No. I had an itch!" - Christina

"I gotta pee" - Natasha

"OMG you guys heard my fart?" - Michele

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