Celebrity Twerk-Off: Who Twerks Best?

British singer Leona Lewis is the latest celebrity to jump on the twerk train.

The 28-year-old pop star recently posted a video that schools twerk novices out there on how the now-famous dance move is done. Check it out:

This onset of all-star twerking leads us to a very important question: who twerks the best? Here are a few more celebrity twerking videos so you are able to make an informed decision about this very important matter.

Rihanna, twerking to Drake:

Ashley Tisdale, radio twerking. (Head to the 5:45 mark for full twerk session):

Beyonce, “Single Ladies” twerking before the dance blew up:

And, finally, Miley Cyrus. No intro necessary:

Sound off here: which celebrity is the ultimate twerker?

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