Kate Upton Strips Down, Dances In Unearthed Behind-The-Scenes Sports Illustrated Footage

The Sports Illustrated office must've really missed Kate Upton last weekend as the publication has now unearthed more behind-the-scenes footage from the buxom blonde's infamous Antarctica swimsuit shoot.

In the new video, the model is seen stripping down to a bikini (it's kind of her specialty) before seductively dancing for the camera (it's kind of her second specialty). Though the 21-year-old looks undeniably sizzling in a white-hot two piece, it's pretty clear that Upton was also freezing from the sub-zero temperatures, only warming her hands in... someone else's bosom?

Wait a minute, what's going on here?!

Regardless, Upton keeps her composure during the whole shoot and says she's really "good at pretending [to be] warm."

That and looking good in a bikini, right? See the new behind-the-scenes footage from her second consecutive Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue cover shoot in the video, above.



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