Mariah Carey Dislocates Shoulder, Lives To Tweet About It

While filming a music video for the remix of “#Beautiful” with Young Jeezy this weekend, Mariah Carey injured her shoulder and was rushed to a New York hospital. On Tuesday, Carey took to her personal Twitter to update fans about the incident, posting the above photo of herself in the emergency room, arm sling and all.

“I dislocated my shoulder on the remix video with Jeezy, sporting a very fashionable sling for the next couple of weeks!” Carey tweeted.

Carey is slated to perform Saturday with the New York Philharmonic on Central Park’s Great Lawn for the 2013 MLB All-Star Charity Concert to benefit victims of Superstorm Sandy. No word yet on whether Carey will be jazzing up her new accessory for the occasion. (May we suggest bedazzled butterflies?)