Because Rihanna’s Life Is, Like, All About Beer Now

This may be either the world’s best or worst timing. Either way, it’s happening.

Shortly after a clip of an allegedly-intoxicated Rihanna wobbling out of a Heineken-sponsored Kings of Leon concert surfaced, her latest commercial for beer brand Budweiser hits the web.

Shot by Mark Romanek, the black-and-white advert features the 25-year-old songstress doing what she do best — singing, jamming out on stage and working on her fashion line — while her single “Right Now” blares in the background. (Lyrics for that can be found on Directlyrics.)

The commercial also has jargons like “make it real” plastered over the footage — which makes me think that if the advertising folks truly wanted to make this believable, maybe it would’ve been “weiser” for them to include Rihanna’s love of “bud into the mix. Just saying.

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