This Photo of Mama June Falling Into a Pool Is Really — Wait for It — *Funny* Boo Boo!

Oh, Mama June. I love you. Really and truly. You're a good woman, with a good heart, and — most importantly — you make me laugh! I can't ask for more than that. Except, of course, funny captions for this funny photo, of which we have plenty:

"Guess I can't walk on water!!!" - Conny

"Cannonball!!!" - Mary Ann

"Look, Little Memaid Boo, Mama's playing Ursula again!" - Ruth Ann

"Free willy!!!" - Linzay

"OMG they are canceling my show I'm gonna drown myself!" - Rose

"duhduhduhduhBOOBOO, IT DA WATA" - Stephen

"This is how a tsunami is born" - Tracey

"It thought this was Bruce Vilanch. My bad!" - Andrew


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Image Source: Reddit



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