Jay-Z’s Weird Week Gets Weirder

What’s going on with Jay-Z, because I’m pretty sure we broke him. Somehow, someway he is broken. Are you proud of yourselves now?

It started on Monday, when Hova began randomly responding to people on his Twitter account. We all learned that he likes Cap’n Crunch, linguine with clam and admires Miley Cyrus’ twerking skills and it was a little dorky but we all just figured, hey, he’s a dad now, no one can be cool forever.

Then Wednesday morning there were some photos of Jay-Z reportedly shooting a music video at Pace Gallery in New York City. Sounds normal, he’s got a new album out and we can’t all be Kanye West, just using Sims characters to make music videos. But it turns out it was so much more bizarre than we’d ever dreamed. I turns out, Jay is lip-synching his song “Picasso Baby” for six hours straight and filming it. He will use that footage to put together a music video. Not only that, but onlookers are allowed to observe for an hour at a time. Jay-Z has no problem interacting with them. Old…


Or young…

But don’t worry it gets so much weirder.

It turns out, Jay-Z invited some other famous people to take part in his bizarro art/music video project.

Marina Abramović is a very famous performance artist known for pieces like “The Artist is Present” where she sat at the MoMA and stared at guests for a total of 736 hours.


And here he is with Lawrence Weiner, a father of the conceptual art movement.

Aaand there’s one more.


Yep, Lena Dunham’s mom, photographer Laurie Simmons, was invited too. As were Jemima Kirke (Jessa on Girls), Judd Apatow (executive producer of Girls) and Adam Driver (Adam on Girls). And none for Lena Dunham.

Oh man, what a weird music video.

What a weird week.