Amanda Bynes Wants Another Pet Pooch

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Just in case she hasn’t set enough fur flying already, Amanda Bynes is now in the market for another dog.

The troubled actress toted along her now closest companion, her pet Pomeranian — who she held up to shield her face from flashing paparazzi — to help her choose a new canine at Chelsea Kennel Club in New York City on Wednesday.

“She wanted to buy a Pomeranian,” the store’s owner Dana Derraugh tells Celebuzz. “She brought her little Pom and said she wanted a friend for her dog.”

And Bynes, 27, had her heart set on a young one. “She was playing with a puppy that just came in,” Derraugh adds. She even seemed ready to drop $2,500 on her new furry friend.

“But the paparazzi were driving her crazy,” Derraugh explains. “She was very upset about it, so she took a bag to cover her face. She left in such a rush the door almost slammed into her dog.”

Maybe Bynes was hoping one more of (wo)man’s best friend would help her forget her troubles: she’s due in court again Aug. 26.