Anne Hathaway’s Taste in Music Is Rivaled Only By Her Taste in Hats

If you’ve ever wondered — and let’s be honest, we all have — whether Anne Hathaway is a fan(ne) of Duran Duran, then wonder no more! We have your answer! She is, in fact, a fan of the Simon Le Bon-fronted ’80s boy band, who were, if I recall correctly, the Backstreet Boys-meets-One Direction of their time. That last statement was definitely accurate! Anyway, what I really want to talk to you about is Anne’s great hat! It’s great, that hat! Love your hat, Anne. Definitely the best choice of hats for going incognito.

I love Anne’s hat almost as much as I love the captions submitted for this photo. Read them below, and then go buy yourself a nice, new hat!

“It had to be Duran Duran” – Manayake

“Her name is Rio and she dances on the sand…” – Fafidoll

“Y’all spotted me in this disguise?” – Bethany

“Hmmm…maybe if I wear this enormous hat they won’t see me.” – Jimilee

“I like big things… I’m talking about the album and the hat, of course” – Edson

“I could show Simon LeBon a thing or two…” – Daelynn

“Why aren’t you looking at me i’m a movie star shopping with the little people…Don’t you see my movie star hat???” - Betty

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