New Footage From 'The Wolverine' Reveals One Angry Superhero

Comic-Con 2013 may be less than a week away, but 20th Century Fox isn't wasting any time when it comes to pushing their upcoming X-Men spinoff / sequel The Wolverine.

The studio released more than 4 minutes of brand new footage today, revealing a nightmarish Jean Grey, some tatted up Yakuza baddies, and one very smart femme fatale.

Not going to lie, I'm not nearly as excited for this movie as I was for Man of Steel or Iron Man 3, but the new clips prove that the studio is taking this movie way more seriously than they did with the terrible X-Men Origins: Wolverine. 

As long as these clips aren't the only good the movie has to offer, it seems like Hugh Jackman might still have some fight left in him yet.


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