Amanda Bynes Struts Through the Streets of NYC

Carrie Bradshaw once mused what many New Yorkers have wondered: “Do I strut? Am I a strutter?” In the case of Amanda Bynes, the answer would be a resounding yes.

When the Twitter-happy troubled actress takes to the streets of the concrete jungle she calls home, she doesn’t just casually stroll through the swarming crowds. No, she owns that pavement like it’s her personal runway. And she will continue to make it her b*tch until the day Drake is no longer ugly.

Now you don’t have to survive the shell shock of a Bynes spotting to see her strut for yourself. Thanks to some sly pedestrian, there’s a video of her walking south on Eighth Avenue, swerving her hips, shaking her arms and tossing that platinum wig of hers.

Watch her, as the wise RuPaul would say, sashay away, above.