Bucklebury Is Ready To P-A-R-T-Y Once Kate Middleton Gives Birth

Just as they did with the royal wedding, the tight-knit parish of Bucklebury is preparing to welcome a new member of the Middleton family into the fold.

Celebuzz spoke to local merchants about Her Royal Highness and the excitement surrounding Baby Cambridge’s arrival.  The Old Boot Inn owner John Haley told us that the town is planning a do for the ages.

“It will be massive,” he said.

Haley was one of the Bucklebury business owners invited to William and Catherine’s wedding in 2011.  Following the ceremony, Haley threw a celebration for the locals.

“After the wedding we had 350 people here for a party, and it’ll be much the same [for the birth]. Hoping for 200 people to come down!” he said proudly.

 “I actually asked Kate if she could please tell me the date so we could plan the party. She said, ‘John I really would but I have no idea what day it is.’

“It’s very difficult to plan because we don’t know the arrival so we’re waiting,” Haley said jovially.

“Kate always comes in and orders something special,” he continued.  “I asked her if we could reveal and serve her favorite dish and she said she wouldn’t mind.

“We have a bottle or two in the fridge ready to be popped when the baby is here – to wet the baby’s head and the parents and bless the baby,” Haley explained. “We are ready to party once we get that call.”

“We have a couple musicians in town so an odd guitar may be brought out.”

Martin Fidler, owner of The Bladebone Butchery, is quite thrilled for the his friends.

“We’ve known the Middletons from the beginning. They’re such a wonderful family,” he said.  “We love them dearly. We just wish them the very best.”

As for William and Catherine’s new adventure?

“They’ll be wonderful parents to the next generation of the throne,” Fidler said.

In the words of Terry Hutt: Hip hip hooray!

-With reporting by Andrea Simpson