Countdown to Emmys: A Quick Chat About Best Actor in a Comedy Series

For the next seven days, Celebuzz editors Andy Scott and Robert Kessler will be analyzing the contenders for this years Emmy nominations, announcing July 18 at 8:30AM. Today’s discussion: Best Actor in a Comedy Series, in which we complain about the lack of good contenders, pray for some Parks and Recreation love and introduce the world to John Galecki.

Andy Scott: So, Best Actor in a Comedy Series. I have to say: Much as I enjoyed our discussion about Best Actress in a Comedy Series yesterday, I wasn’t really looking forward to breaking down this category.

Robert Kessler: Can men even be funny?

AS: You know things are bad when the list of eligible performers begins with Tim Allen (Last Man Standing).

RK: You’d think men would quit saying that women aren’t funny considering there really aren’t that many funny men on TV.

AS: Well, there’s always Louis CK (Louie). He’ll get a nomination, at least.

RK: Yes, and it will be deserved. As for the other five spots, to me at least, it’s sort of a grab bag.

AS: Yes. Starting with Alec Baldwin (30 Rock). I think they’ll give him one last nomination. One last win wouldn’t surprise me, either.

RK: I think he’ll swing a nomination, for sure. I was also a little surprised to see Rob Lowe and Adam Scott (Parks and Recreation) submitted as leads and not supporting.

AS: Agreed! Although I think Rob Lowe did that last year, for some reason. You’d think that Chris Traeger would want to spread the love a bit.

RK: Parks and Rec is probably my favorite show on television right now, but I just can’t really see either of them winning.

AS: I can’t even see them getting nominated. I think Jon Cryer’s (Two and a Half Men) win last year scarred me.

RK: It scarred us all, Andy.

AS: Well, he’s getting nominated. Again. Ugh.

RK: It’s pretty mind-boggling to think that for the last three years, Emmy voters have sat down and decided that Jim Parsons (The Big Bang Theory) and Jon Cryer were the best comedy actors on television.

AS: Nobody knows that better than Steve Carell. Poor guy.

RK: Despicable Me 2 made like Avatar money, I don’t feel that bad for him.

AS: I like his glasses.

RK: What do you think Jason Bateman’s (Arrested Development) chances are?

AS: Honestly? Pretty good. I know people didn’t love Arrested Development but the field is weak this year.

RK: During the first three seasons of the show, he was sort of relegated to the “straight man” role, but in this fourth season he had a lot more to do. I really enjoyed him.

AS: It’s definitely an easy vote, I think.

RK: Especially if voters are trying to embrace the Internet era. And the Emmys were pretty quick to recognize cable shows, when that was a new phenomenon.

AS: For sure, plus he should have won the year he was previously nominated. Damn you, Tony Shalhoub!

RK: Looking at this list, the most surprising thing to me was that John Galecki is Johnny Galecki (The Big Bang Theory) now. Did you know that?

AS: Wasn’t that always his name?

RK: Oh my God. Was it?

AS: Yes!

RK: Have I just been calling him the wrong name all these years?

AS: I think so.

RK: John Galecki is that sad girl at work who never corrected you when you called her the wrong name and here we are 10 years later.

AS: I wonder what Henry Cavill calls him.

RK: :(

AS: We’re losing track. What about Matt LeBlanc (Episodes)? The only person I know who watches that show is my boyfriend, and he loves it. Didn’t he win a Golden Globe?

RK: Well he’s definitely been nominated before. And that whole “playing a self-deprecating version of yourself” thing is very ~trendy~ right now.

AS: Yes. But I can’t really see them getting excited about it. Not when John Galecki is in play.

RK: It’s Johnny, Andy! He wants you to call him Johnny!

AS: Kaley Cavill. (I’ll never get over that.)

RK: You can call me whatever you like, Johnny Galecki, just don’t call me late to dinner. And by dinner, I mean a TV dinner, while I’m NOT watching The Big Bang Theory. Was there anyone else you wanted to talk about? Because I had three more dudes on my list.

AS: I wrote down Don Cheadle, but only because he was nominated last year. And I don’t think that’s happening again. Right? Who else is there?

RK: Well I was thinking about Joel McHale (Community) …

AS: Oh GOD. No.

RK: That wasn’t in regards to this conversation. I was just thinking about him.

AS: Community used to be one of those things that made my blood boil irrationally.

RK: Bad experience with Jim Rash?


RK: The Way Way Back is very good. BUT BACK TO TELEVISION! How about them boys on The New Normal? Andrew Rannels and Justin Bartha.

AS: I was actually thinking about them. Not in the way you think about Joel McHale.

RK: The thing about that show is, it’s very bad. Quit trying to preach to me, Ryan Murphy.

AS: My dad once sent me an email telling me how good “Ellen Burstyn” was on it.

RK: That would be very good. I bet she would be very good on that show. Missed opportunity for ole Ellen Burstyn.

AS: If she could get nominated for Mrs. Harris, I’m sure she could get nominated for The New Normal.

RK: Have you ever talked to an actual gay person who liked The New Normal? Like, anyone I’ve ever met who liked it was straight. And just kept wanting to talk about it, like some weird liberal guilt thing. “The New Normal is a show about gay people BUT THEY’RE ALSO HUMANS TOO WHICH IS COOL.”

AS: That was the other email my dad sent to me about The New Normal. But no, I haven’t. Also, there is someone on the eligibility list named Lenny Venito and I just want him to be Danny DeVito.

RK: Yeah, that’s a wrap. Kill all men.

FINAL PREDICTIONS (Winner in bold)

Andy Scott

Alec Baldwin, 30 Rock

Jason Bateman, Arrested Development

Louis CK, Louie

Jon Cryer, Two and a Half Men

Jim Parsons, The Big Bang Theory

Adam Scott, Parks and Recreation

Robert Kessler

Alec Baldwin, 30 Rock

Jason Bateman, Arrested Development

Louis CK, Louie

Jon Cryer, Two and a Half Men

Jim Parsons, The Big Bang Theory

Adam Scott, Parks and Recreation

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