Ke$ha Gets Cheeky With Her Crush, Harry Styles, On The Radio

It seems like it would be pretty hard to embarrass Kesha, but now we know that all it takes to have her blushing is a surprise chat with Harry Styles.

The “Die Young” singer stopped by BBC Radio 1 on Friday morning, and talked about her crush on the One Direction cutie.

“You know I have a thing for Harry Styles,” she told DJ Nick Grimshaw. “He looks like a young Mick Jagger.”

One of the reasons why she “fancies” the 19-year-old? “He has a good mouth,” she explained. “It’s true, I’m not trying to be a weird pervert!”

But after Kesha dished on her famous crush, she was in for a surprise — Mr. Styles was secretly waiting on another line.

Let’s just say things progressed a bit like an awkward first date. Kesha asked her crush questions like his favorite color and astrological sign, and the topic quickly turned to Harry’s taste for… fish.

“I want to die, I’m so awkward!” the pop star eventually exclaimed.

Watch a silly scene I like to call “When Harry Met Ke$ha” in the video, above.