33 Celebrities In The Buff For International Nude Day

Hollywood is stripping down.

Whether it's a TV starlet or an A-list actress, celebrities are all taking it off and baring their bods. Jennifer Lopez did it for a perfume ad, while Khloe Kardashian slipped into her birthday suit to make a statement about wearing fur.

In fact, Allure even dedicated an issue of their magazine to stars posing naked!

Seeing how skin is in, it's no wonder that there's an entire international holiday celebrating nudity.

Here's to all the famous faces -- or should we say, bodies -- who are brave enough to get nude in front of the camera.



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  • Elizabeth Aspen
    Elizabeth Aspen

    Meanwhile, all of the despicable Kardashians wear fur. Anything for publicity with this group of clowns.

  • andrealynae

    Damn that man is beautiful.

  • matheuskardashian

    Khloe, idk if you'll read this, but just know that you have no idea how much ily. I hope i can hug u some day. Can you please tweet me? I am trying to get a reply from you a lot of days :/ Is my dream. So, please: @ind4rkness. U really run the world! I was rewatching the episode of your wedding. Every that I watch, my love for you just grows up. And I edited some pics of u, if you can check...: http://crying-in-wonderland.tumblr.com/post/54885348769/credit-to-ind4rkness :) xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo <333

  • tonyspinklaurel

    there's nothing strange about being comfortable with your body which these women obviously are. it's like appearing naked in a movie or music video which for example Mariah Carey did in the Honey Video changing from the flesh colored bikini to the white mini skirt and crop top and then to the wet suit for the jet ski chase or another example would be having to appear on screen in a string bikini like Joanne Woodward did for the beach scenes in the race car flick WUSA which was filmed in 1969 so she was 39 with three daughters under age 12 correct Nell her oldest was 10 at the time Melissa her middle was 8 and Claire the youngest was 4 years old. but it wasn't traumatic for them because it was their father she was frolicking with in those scenes. stop being hung up on the female body

  • Jennifer Whittaker
    Jennifer Whittaker

    Khloe does a PETA ad for not wearing fur, and then post on her blog about how she loves leather. smh