Countdown to Emmys: A Quick Chat About Best Actress in a Drama Series

For the next seven days, Celebuzz editors Andy Scott and Robert Kessler will be analyzing the contenders for this years Emmy nominations, announcing July 18 at 8:30AM. Today’s discussion: Best Actress in a Drama Series, in which we analyze everyone who will inevitably lose to Claire Danes.

Andy Scott: So, now we’re at Best Actress in a Drama Series. I’m gonna go ahead and say that Claire Danes (Homeland) will win again so we can all move on to everyone she’ll beat. She’s definitely going to beat Julianna Margulies (The Good Wife) and Elisabeth Moss (Mad Men). For sure.

RK: One person who will not win but I think should is Connie Britton (Nashville).

AS: Tell me more.

RK: Nashville never really reached the level of zeitgeist that Revenge did in its first season or Scandal this season, and I never understood why. It’s a GREAT show.

AS: Well, they do like her, obviously. Enough for a nomination, though?

RK: I’ll respond to that in GIF.

AS: I’m sorry. I’m glad you brought up Scandal, though, because Kerry Washington has to be nominated. She just has to be.

RK: I can’t really see this shaking out without Kerry Washington getting a nomination.

AS: She’s so good on that show. She’s always good. It’s time for people to finally take notice. I think they will. And then she’ll lose to Claire Danes.

RK: I was a little surprised to see that Glenn Close (Damages) is eligible? I feel like that show ended forever and a half ago.

AS: She’ll be submitting herself for years to come. Didn’t you see Albert Nobbs? That woman is desperate to win anything.

RK: Well she did win for Damages already. And Damages was so, so good. But she won’t be nominated. I just wanted to state, for the record, that Damages was a fantastic television show. Got it? Good. Moving on.

RK: Another person who won’t be nominated is Vera Farmiga (Bates Motel). See here.

AS: If there was a category for “A for Effort” … Well, she’d lose to Claire Danes. But hey! She’d at least show up!

RK: Yeah, I don’t think Vera Farmiga ever wiped herself on screen in Bates Motel. Game, set, match: Danes!

AS: There’s still time. Let’s talk about happier things: like Michelle Dockery (Downton Abbey).

RK: Yes, very happy character arc for that girl this season. Just, real happy go lucky. Nothing going wrong for Lady Mary.

AS: She’s my favorite person on Downton Abbey. I don’t even know why, but she is. Like if she were to win the Emmy this year (she won’t), I would be really, really happy for her without actually knowing why.

RK: I have a very similar feeling about Parker Posey.

AS: Wait. Can we talk about Keri Russell (The Americans) for a second?

RK: I was going to suggest we do that.

AS: If she gets nominated I’m just going to pretend it’s for Felicity. Which is why she needs to get nominated, even though I didn’t actually watch The Americans.

RK: I also did not watch The Americans. But I think people liked it?

AS: I think so too. It would make me happy. (I’m still trying to move on from Claire Danes.)

RK: The person I would like to see win is Elisabeth Moss.

AS: Me too. But she won’t. Maybe she’ll win for Top of the Lake? She was equally good in that.

RK: Top of the Lake was so good. So good. Peggy Olsen’s character arc this season was a really interesting one to watch. And I love the idea of watching this sort of slow shattering of the glass ceiling through one fictional character’s eyes.

AS: Well, it seems they set her up for a good final season. Maybe she’ll finally win then, like Jon Hamm? Although who knows what Claire Danes will do next season? How do you top trying to kill yourself while wearing your favorite going out top?

RK: Elisabeth Moss deserves something, if for no other reason than that she broke twitter with a single dress. Maybe a Webby. Do they still do those?

AS: Probably. Can we end this discussion by saying Julianna Margulies? Her name carries so much gravitas.

RK: One thing I wanted to say was that I did not know Aria was the lead on Pretty Little Liars. Did you know that?

AS: I don’t even know what that means.

RK: Lucy Hale is in for lead actress. Which, lol.

AS: Is she “A”?

RK: I don’t know. No one knows. WHO IS A? Are you A?

AS: Julianna Margulies is A.


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