How Bucklebury Plans To Honor Will, Kate And The Future Monarch

Everything is about Great Britain these days and life is amazing.

Celebuzz spoke to Bucklebury Parish Council member Barry Dickens about the Duchess of Cambridge, and how the cutest little town in the Home Counties is going to pay its respects to the future King or Queen.

“We in the Duchess’s home village are quietly awaiting the Royal Birth,” Mr. Dickens told us.  “When the happy event has taken place there will be some private parties.”

Locals are making sure that visitors know that their charming village of about 2,500 is the future Queen of England’s hometown.

“In the longer term we are hoping to mark the occasion with a set of wooden gates at the entrance to The Avenue in Bucklebury and the erection of an ornamental village sign,” Mr. Dickens went on.

That sounds splendid!

“The gates will be in the same place that those that were there in the 1930s,” he explained.  “Their purpose then was to enclose the common land which comprises much of Bucklebury Parish. With the increase in traffic levels the gates on the Avenue and other entrances to the Common were taken down.”

Mr. Dickens explained to CB! that The Avenue is a tree-lined road about .75 mile long, bordered by some of the most prestigious houses in Bucklebury (The Middletons used to live there).  The trees are oaks-planted to commemorate a visit to Bucklebury by Queen Elizabeth I (1533-1603).

“Now they will be put back, not to impede traffic, but to commemorate the marriage of the Duke and Duchess and the birth of their first child.”


“The village sign [location in the village as yet undetermined, Dickens noted] will depict a rural scene of Bucklebury and bear words that it was erected in honor of the Royal Birth.”

The Bladebone Butchery owner Martin Fidler and John Haley from The Old Boot Inn are all set to celebrate some good news.

We have a bottle or two in the fridge ready to be popped when the baby is here — to wet the baby’s head and the parents and bless the baby,” Fidler told Celebuzz last week. “We are ready to party once we get that call.”

“We have a couple musicians in town so an odd guitar may be brought out,” Hayley added of the big soiree he is planning with 50 bottles of champagne already chilled for the occasion.

It appears that Her Royal Highness is tucked away inside Michael and Carole Middleton’s Georgian Manor, while William played polo for some of his charities this past weekend.

The couple are expecting their first child any day now.

-With reporting by Andrea Simpson