Rinko Kikuchi Battles Monsters In ‘Pacific Rim,’ But Would Rather Spend The Apocalypse Singing Karaoke

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If you still haven’t seen Pacific Rim, what are you waiting for?!

The movie about giant monsters fighting equally giant robots seems like one hell of a good time. And who couldn’t use a nice 2 hour escape from reality today?

Celebuzz caught up with Rinko Kikuchiat last week’s black carpet premiere for the flick and she told us all about playing a kick-ass character, getting in shape for the role, and how she would spend her last days on Earth (if she had advance warning).

Rinko told us that it was a big responsibility to play such a strong female character, but, “I really enjoyed playing her, because I’ve done a lot of really serious, dramatic roles. She’s totally a [bad] ass, so I really enjoyed it.”

And like costar Robert Kazinski before her, Rinko was subjected to training on the beach, boot camp style workouts, and martial arts training. Naturally her diet was pretty strict during that prep, but she told us that as soon as it was over, “I hate tons of chocolate.”

Oh, and she loves Karaoke.

Check out everything Rinko had to say in the CB! video above. 

Pacific Rim is in theaters now.