What, No 'Under My Mozzarella-Ella-Ella-Ey-Ey-Ey' Jokes?

Enjoy today's delicious, winning captions for this photo of Rihanna's face on a pizza.

Chef takes celebrity pizza art to another level
"It's-a me, Rihannio!"

Sorry, I just had to add my own caption today, because I cannot resist a good Mario joke. And by "good" I mean not. And by "joke" I mean also not. Besides, this pizza with Rihanna's face on it is no laughing matter! It is a work of art, really, created by Domenico Crolla, who you can see grinning like a proud papa in the photo above.

Should you feel hungry for a slice of Bad Gal Riri's face, you can simply book yourself a reservation (and a plane ticket and a hotel room) at Bella Napoli in Glasgow, Scotland. Meet you there after we all finish reading today's winning captions?

"We're beautiful like Pizza in your mouth!" - Anthony

"sauce in the air, I don't care I love the smell of it " - Kelly

"Chris No Please Don't Eat Me!!!!!!!" - Carolyn

"maybe you should bring that to one of her concerts so when she's 3 hours late, you can at least eat........" - Marina

"Throw it up l, throw it up watch the sauce fall down... Pour it up, pour it up eat ...my pizza face" - Jillena

"I don't want to do this anymore, I don't want to pizza reason why" - Laurynn

"Can't wait too eat Rihanna up..." - Julie

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