How You Can Party Like Rihanna: A Quick Guide To Throwing A Yacht Party

Rihanna sure knows how to have a good time.

The “Stay” crooner kicked off her weekend aboard a mega-yacht sailing off the shores of southern France and it was pretty much everything you would expect it to be. Flanked by a flock of famous friends, RiRi spared no expense and enjoyed the sun surf like any good ‘ol rock star.

Here’s a helpful guide in how one can recreated said party — as told in her photos.

Step 1. Get a really, really big yacht. Preferably one that’s docked near a really lavish city.

Step 2. Slip into something skimpy. We recommend a LBS (little black swimsuit) since it’s flattering on just about anyone.

Step 3. Gather a bunch of friends. Bonus points if one of those pals is British model Cara Delevingne.

Step 4. Feel free to get cheeky with them. Literally.

Step 5. Take some shots. Everyone loves tequila, right?

Step 6. Break out the beer after said shot. Corona is good if you want to keep to a Mexican alcohol theme

Step 7. Take lots of pictures.

Step 8. Whatever this is. Oh, she’s only being RiRi.

Step 9. Take a dip.

Step 10. And make sure you have plenty of staff on hand to help you out.

[Photos courtesy of Bauer Griffin]