One Year And 1.7 Billion Views Later

Psy has a lot more reasons to be celebrating these days.

July 15 marks the one-year anniversary when the music video for his single, “Gangnam Style,” was posted onto YouTube. The clip, which now has over 1.7 billion views and counting, had everything that a viral video needed: a catchy tune, outlandish dancing and tongue-in-cheek humor. 

Since its release, Psy skyrocketed to superstardom and his Korean pop hit was played on heavy rotation even on English-speaking stations. (Nor did the language barrier stopped sites like Directlyrics from phonetically translating the words.)

The singer subsequently became a red carpet staple, even making yet another wacky music video as a follow-up to the international phenomenon.

With Psy currently being the Guinness record-holder for the post viewed video on YouTube, here’s a look back at just how he affected Hollywood with his infectious dance craze — in the gallery above.