Alex McCord Recaps Last Night’s ‘RHOC’ Episode: No Such Thing As A ‘No-Drama Zone’

Reality veteran Alex McCord taps into the story behind last night’s over-the-top episode of The Real Housewives Of Orange County.

“Lydia and Alexis make a big deal out of having a ‘no drama zone’ as they wait for the other girls,and they both have big, full drinks,” McCord told Celebuzz.  “Notice that no sooner do they sit down, then in comes Lauri and the drinks are gone. Trust me, no Housewives producers will ever take a drink away from a cast, so this just means that the ‘no drama zone’ the girls created wasn’t worthy of the final cut .

“In my own experience, so many times we’d actually be enjoying ourselves whether with the family or the ladies, and those scenes hardly ever made it to air…so the no drama zone is the no TV zone, unfortunately.”