Mariah Carey’s Bejeweled Sling Is ‘#Beautiful,’ and So Are Today’s Winning Captions

Mark my words: 2013 is The Year The Injured Diva. First, Lady Gaga rolled in on a gold-plated wheelchair, and now Mariah Carey is performing in a bejeweled sling. What’s next? Taylor Swift writing her next album while on couture crutches? Madonna sucking the life force from 20-somethings while donning a designer eyepatch?

Probably all of those things!!! But first, today’s winning captions:

“There’s one diamond missing !!” – Shahjehan

“Waittttttt, give me one more chance, I can do this, really.” – Marrit

“I only have one arm Nicki and I’m still better then you!” – Amanda

“I don’t think so girlfriend!” – Dana

“Taxi” – Cortney

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