Countdown to Emmys: A Quick Chat About Outstanding Drama Series

By: / July 16, 2013

For the next seven days, Celebuzz editors Andy Scott and Robert Kessler will be analyzing the contenders for this years Emmy nominations, announcing July 18 at 8:30AM. Today’s discussion: Outstanding Drama Series, in which we talk House of CardsScandal and the inevitable race between Breaking BadHomeland and Mad Men.

Andy Scott: So, we’ve reached our final category: Outstanding Drama Series. Drama! So much drama.

Robert Kessler: One thing I was surprised to learn is that House of Cards was submitted as a drama and not a comedy.

AS: So, confession: I watched the pilot on Netflix last night. I lasted two minutes. Once Kevin Spacey started talking to the camera I was like, “No, this is crap. I can’t do this.”

RK: I do not like it at all.

AS: How is that show a Thing?

RK: I have no idea.

AS: It’s sort of like faux-prestige — a glossy show about DC politics that tricks people into thinking its cool. Note: I gathered this all from only two minutes.

RK: It is very glossy, that is true.

AS: Do you think it will be nominated, though?

RK: No — but I can see why some people think it will.

AS: Okay, good. I think there’s way too much competition, anyway.

RK: Let’s just get the shows that absolutely will be nominated out of the way. Congratulations to Breaking Bad, Homeland and Mad Men.

AS: You can go ahead and throw Game of Thrones in there, too.

RK: I personally think that Game of Thrones will be nominated, but I’m not so sure it’s a lock.

AS: I think after last year’s nomination — and this year’s buzz — it’s inevitably getting in.

RK: The Emmys haven’t been super kind to the fantasy genre; however, HBO has, like, a million dollars to spend on for your consideration advertisements and I think it will be throwing all its weight into the dear old Lanisters.

AS: Well, what does that leave us with, then? Oh God. Downton Abbey!

RK: Good ole Downton.

AS: What a shitty season.

RK: I mean I agree that it was no 666 Park Avenue, but it’s still one of the best shows around and if Sybil didn’t upset you, you are a garbage human.

AS: That ending, though.

RK: :(:(:(:(:(:(:(

AS: That show is quickly becoming a bad relationship you can’t get out of. You know you need to stop, but you’ve invested too much time in it to actually go through with it. Like, I could have played Shirley MacLaine’s character. “Hey! Bye!”

RK: You don’t have the head to pull off a feathered fascinator.

AS: Maybe you’re right. Having said all that, it’s getting, like, 17 nominations.

RK: Exactly. There will be, however, no nominations for The Newsroom.

AS: I don’t even watch that show, but I’m happy you said that. Well, we’re left with one slot, right? What gets it?

RK: I think it comes down to The Good Wife and The Americans.

AS: Ah, my beloved Good Wife. Am I too naive to think it could go to Scandal?

RK: No, I don’t think you are. But it seems like more of a guilty pleasure show than an Emmy winning one, to me. Like, the president killed a Supreme Court justice with his hands. On television.

AS: And it was amazing!

RK: I think Emmy voters would feel a little silly voting for it is all I’m saying.

AS: You’re right. Do you think The Americans has the prestige to pull off the surprise nomination?

RK: I really just don’t know. My instinct is to say that, no, it won’t. But I really think it’s a toss up between The Good Wife and The Americans.

AS: While you figure it out, let’s go ahead and talk about the big three locks before we wrap up. Between Mad Men, Breaking Bad and Homeland, what wins?

RK: Choosing which of those three shows takes the prize is just a straight-up guess on my part.

AS: I really don’t want Homeland to win again. I hate to say it, but season 2 was just absurd.

RK: I will say that Homeland and Breaking Bad are obviously much flashier than Mad Med. And it’s easier to vote for a manic drug kingpin or a manic CIA agent than it is to vote for a very sad drunk.

AS: Yes. Though I’m rooting for Mad Men. I really loved season 6, for all of its inconsistencies. I am also in the minority opinion that Breaking Bad just isn’t good anymore. It got too cocky. “Walt is BAD! Now, let’s do another stylish montage set to music!”

RK: Hahaha.

AS: Which means that Scandal is going to win.

RK: Give it all to Scandal.

AS: Everything.


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