Countdown to Emmys: A Quick Chat About Outstanding Drama Series

For the next seven days, Celebuzz editors Andy Scott and Robert Kessler will be analyzing the contenders for this years Emmy nominations, announcing July 18 at 8:30AM. Today’s discussion: Outstanding Drama Series, in which we talk House of CardsScandal and the inevitable race between Breaking BadHomeland and Mad Men.

Andy Scott: So, we’ve reached our final category: Outstanding Drama Series. Drama! So much drama.

Robert Kessler: One thing I was surprised to learn is that House of Cards was submitted as a drama and not a comedy.

AS: So, confession: I watched the pilot on Netflix last night. I lasted two minutes. Once Kevin Spacey started talking to the camera I was like, “No, this is crap. I can’t do this.”

RK: I do not like it at all.

AS: How is that show a Thing?

RK: I have no idea.

AS: It’s sort of like faux-prestige — a glossy show about DC politics that tricks people into thinking its cool. Note: I gathered this all from only two minutes.

RK: It is very glossy, that is true.

AS: Do you think it will be nominated, though?

RK: No — but I can see why some people think it will.

AS: Okay, good. I think there’s way too much competition, anyway.

RK: Let’s just get the shows that absolutely will be nominated out of the way. Congratulations to Breaking Bad, Homeland and Mad Men.

AS: You can go ahead and throw Game of Thrones in there, too.

RK: I personally think that Game of Thrones will be nominated, but I’m not so sure it’s a lock.

AS: I think after last year’s nomination — and this year’s buzz — it’s inevitably getting in.

RK: The Emmys haven’t been super kind to the fantasy genre; however, HBO has, like, a million dollars to spend on for your consideration advertisements and I think it will be throwing all its weight into the dear old Lanisters.

AS: Well, what does that leave us with, then? Oh God. Downton Abbey!

RK: Good ole Downton.

AS: What a shitty season.

RK: I mean I agree that it was no 666 Park Avenue, but it’s still one of the best shows around and if Sybil didn’t upset you, you are a garbage human.

AS: That ending, though.

RK: :(:(:(:(:(:(:(

AS: That show is quickly becoming a bad relationship you can’t get out of. You know you need to stop, but you’ve invested too much time in it to actually go through with it. Like, I could have played Shirley MacLaine’s character. “Hey! Bye!”

RK: You don’t have the head to pull off a feathered fascinator.

AS: Maybe you’re right. Having said all that, it’s getting, like, 17 nominations.

RK: Exactly. There will be, however, no nominations for The Newsroom.

AS: I don’t even watch that show, but I’m happy you said that. Well, we’re left with one slot, right? What gets it?

RK: I think it comes down to The Good Wife and The Americans.

AS: Ah, my beloved Good Wife. Am I too naive to think it could go to Scandal?

RK: No, I don’t think you are. But it seems like more of a guilty pleasure show than an Emmy winning one, to me. Like, the president killed a Supreme Court justice with his hands. On television.

AS: And it was amazing!

RK: I think Emmy voters would feel a little silly voting for it is all I’m saying.

AS: You’re right. Do you think The Americans has the prestige to pull off the surprise nomination?

RK: I really just don’t know. My instinct is to say that, no, it won’t. But I really think it’s a toss up between The Good Wife and The Americans.

AS: While you figure it out, let’s go ahead and talk about the big three locks before we wrap up. Between Mad Men, Breaking Bad and Homeland, what wins?

RK: Choosing which of those three shows takes the prize is just a straight-up guess on my part.

AS: I really don’t want Homeland to win again. I hate to say it, but season 2 was just absurd.

RK: I will say that Homeland and Breaking Bad are obviously much flashier than Mad Med. And it’s easier to vote for a manic drug kingpin or a manic CIA agent than it is to vote for a very sad drunk.

AS: Yes. Though I’m rooting for Mad Men. I really loved season 6, for all of its inconsistencies. I am also in the minority opinion that Breaking Bad just isn’t good anymore. It got too cocky. “Walt is BAD! Now, let’s do another stylish montage set to music!”

RK: Hahaha.

AS: Which means that Scandal is going to win.

RK: Give it all to Scandal.

AS: Everything.


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