James Franco Cast in ‘The Mindy Project’

Hereeeeeeeee’s Johnny!

Fox announced Tuesday that James Franco has been cast on a two-episode arc of The Mindy Project. Franco will star in the second season’s first two episodes as Dr. Paul Leotard, a model-turned-OBGYN who steps in to replace Mindy while she’s in Haiti. From Fox:

Dr. Leotard radically altered his career goals after he accidentally walked off a runway at fashion week and was saved by a pregnant woman. From that day forward, he devoted himself to helping pregnant women and immediately applied to medical school.

The thing is, there’s really nothing to say about Franco at this point. Sure, his real-life persona is irritating, but he is a talented actor. And lest we forget Franco’s turn on 30 Rock as a Japanese pillow-loving version of himself:

So maybe this will be good? Anyway, if someone had told you two years ago that someday soon James Franco and Chloë Sevigny would guest star on the same Fox sitcom, what would you have said?